Did you know that the lymph has twice as many vessels as blood vessels? Often when people look at my lymphatic chart, they think it is the circulatory system.  Lymph vessels and nodes are everywhere in your body.

Lymph is located everywhere

The secret weapon of defense is your lymphatic system. The lymph only moves during breathing or movement; the circulatory system has its own pressurized systems with valves Sometimes the flow of the lymph becomes lethargic as it is overwhelmed with toxins from foods,  from chemicals, from allergic reactions, cleaning the lymph is critical for health and wellbeing.   Lymphatic therapy decreases sympathetic response and increases parasympathetic. The increase in the lymph flow can cause relaxation, antiseptic and  has a pain inhibiting effect

What Lymph looks Like and Function

Lymph is a clear or milky fluid that seeps out of a cut. It is there to remove foreign matter and fight germs. Lymph is a key player in your immune system. It creates antibodies and produces white blood cells. The lymph system also carries proteins, hormones, and fats to the cells and eliminates dead tissue and other waste products.

3  Neurolymphatic Reflex points to Energize your Body and Release Stress

Neruolymphatic reflex points are similar to brain gym points, points used in touch for health, kinesiology, muscle checking, and acupuncture.

  1. Two main governing points located below the collar bone. By applying pressure for up to 10 seconds, move the skin and fascia in all directions helps to activate the lymph. The most subtle movements can engage the bodies to own healing mechanisms. Wakes up and energizes your body.  Activating these points could be done on a plane, in a car as passengers or sitting at your desk. Lymph slows down while you are sitting and can generate a feeling of heaviness and swelling.

        2. The Stress points are located on either side of you belly button/ and below the belly button. Apply pressure with your index finger of both the right and left hand and move the skin and fascia in all directions for 10 seconds, this area is known to regulate the hypothalamus, digestion, fluid balance, body temperature, blood pressure and heart beat. Also, this area balances out the adrenals

Gently press and move your fingers in all directions to activate the points and lymph

3. The Central points located, at the base of your skull on both sides of the spin where headache muscles are, Gently applies pressure and move skin and fascia in all directions for 10 seconds. Pressing on these points has been known to help with nasal congestions, headache behind the eyes and pain in forehead also helps release pain in the neck and limitation in the shoulder. Rigidity and pain of the neck, restriction of the shoulder.

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