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Turmeric Gold

Health Ranger's Organic Turmeric Gold liquid extract 2 fl. oz.


7 Step Concussion Protocol 695.00 US


An innovative approach to facilitating healing after a concussion or head injury. Or simply resolve headaches and migraines. For the practitioner or healthcare provider who wants to improve performance, memory and balance.

7 Step Concussion Protocol is a dynamic treatment tool to assist the practitioner in obtaining lasting results.

Goals of Workshop

Elevate your Practice and Become the Expert

1. Functional use of Fascia, Lymph, Cranial, and Nervous system

2. Understanding how fascia affects the brain

3. Restore functioning of the brain

4. Assess the cranial bones and sutures

This workshop is for
1. Athletic Therapists
2. Massage Therapists
3. Physical Therapists
4. Doctors
5. Health Care Providers

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Call 403-422-0881 , 760-702-1064 or email info@simonefortier.com

$695.00 USD


10 Movements to Melt
Muscle Tension DVD

$14.99 USD

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A segment of  Melt Muscle DVD video.


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Online Consultations

Online consultations to answer any questions regarding fascia, training, performance or any health-related questions.

30-minute coaching/consultations

60- minute coaching/consultations

Elevate your practice, your therapy or simply your health.

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Call 403-422-0881 , 760-702-1064 or email info@simonefortier.com

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