Pain-Free with Fascia Therapy

Stretch Fascia Therapy (SFT)

Our powerful rehabilitation therapy approach resolves pain, changes the brain, improves balance, flexibility, and mobility. SFT directly affects the fascia, lymphatics, nervous system, and brain.

Serious about ending your pain? SFT is for you.

Stretch Fascia Treatment from Calgary to the World

 Are you one of the more than 100 million North Americans who suffer from chronic pain or have had a concussion?

Have you tried many treatment modalities: chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, exercise programs including stretching, and even surgery: yet the pain persists?

You may be suffering from fascial tension.

When there are lines of tension in the fascia it affects performance, structure, and function. Addressing Fascia First leads to lasing or permanent solutions.

Why is Fascia so important? It creates space inside your body. It protects innervates and communicates to all other cells, vessels, organs, and tissue.

The goal of Fascial Treatment is to reduce the restrictions using a safe, low load stretch that releases tightness and pain throughout the body.

Once these restrictions are reduced, tissues and joints are able to move better and there are fewer structural dysfunctions and imbalances, leading to the reduction of pain.

Meet Simone Fortier

Simone is an internationally renowned Author, Talk Show Host, Speaker and Fascia Therapist/Coach boasting testimonials from some of the biggest names in the world of sports including the PGA, NFL, NHL and the Olympics.  Renowned in the world of sports injuries and healing, she was a pioneer of Stretching  Fascia Therapy,the Simone Fortier Technique (SFT) founder of Fascia Stretching Institute, lending her talents to numerous world-class athletes from various pro sports organizations including The Arizona Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks, Denver Broncos and Atlanta Braves to name but just a few.


A Few of Simone’s Qualifications

  • Founder and Developer of  Fascia Training Institute and SFT technique
  • Neurosomatic Therapy
  • Posturology
  • Creator of 7 Step Concussion Protocol
  • Myofascial Structural Integration Specialist
  • Myofascial Release – Advanced and MFR 111
  • Paul St John Neuromuscular Therapy
  • Active Isolated Stretching

You have a lot of nerve…lymph and fascia, learn how to heal your body today!


Presentations include workshops, Lunch and Learns, Keynotes, SFT Training, Corporate Retreats & Seminars can be tailored for your specific industry.

Online Membership

Fascia Training Institute membership resource center.  For monthly webinars and online courses providing step-by-step guidance into Stretch Fascia Therapy. NeuroNation is a mentorship program for those that want to elevate their business, brain, and body.

Fascia Training

Discover the Fascia Training Institute workshops for strength coaches and healthcare practitioners. Learn techniques and exercises to keep the body in good health, and for sports recovery. Ranging from concussion therapy, stretch fascia therapy, and more.

Praise & Reviews for Simone

She’s a brain/fascia/ practitioner of all sorts.  Best in the world. The results from therapy sessions with Simone have been amazing. The athletes I referred to Simone state they have never felt healthier after a treatment. The results orientated therapy demonstrates a focused, enthusiastic and passionate approach to facilitating function and recovery from sports injuries. Each treatment is unique, can be challenging for the patient, fun and always a learning experience. Simone somehow gives my athletes incredible energy, balance, and wellness. As a strength coach, I have complete confidence in referring any current athlete or former player to SFT.

Preston Greene

Strength Coach

As a physician, I can understand the approach she uses in her treatments, but even with my medical training, I was skeptical that a skilled laying on of hands could make such a difference…until I had experienced it for myself. Part of the healing that Simone accomplishes is also due to her holistic approach to her clients’ lifestyles, stress management, and self-care. Truly the whole package.

Simone is truly a caring, skilled and effective therapist. I recommend her without hesitation.

Dr. Deb Putnam M.D.

In 2 sessions I was pain free and had full flexibility and strength back. I now go for routine maintenance and I am always amazed that she can find things that I wasn’t aware were affecting my body. Prevention therapy is extremely valuable. Simone fixes them and I have full range of motion again.

I would strongly recommend her skill and services to anyone that has given up at finding solutions to their pain because I was one of them. Simone has been able to help me not only recover, but push myself harder. I know if anything ever does go wrong, she has the ability and skill to fix it.

Chad Morrison

Singer / Songwriter

Thanks to Simone, I now have a much better understanding of the source and continuous causes of my upper neck and shoulder pain. Her diagnosis and education regarding my hyper-mobility has given me the foundation to start correcting years of postural concerns that have contributed to my pain and stiffness. As well, after one fascia stretching session, I felt relief from pain that no muscle massage had ever managed to produce.

The relief from pain lasted for weeks, while I typically have pain return within minutes to hours following a massage. As someone involved in health care myself, I found her to be an expert in her field and highly professional.

Steph Hudson

Medical Student


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