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Simone Fortier is often called a healer and miracle worker.

For over 20 years, business leaders and professionals, CEOs and athletes have relied on Simone to help them take their health and wellness to a higher level.  On their paths to discovering a PAIN Free Life, they reached out to Simone for advice and manual therapy. Ready and willing to focus on their health and ready to elevate their wellness, they sought a higher quality of life. Simone has enabled countless individuals to remove the blocks preventing health, wellness, and wealth.

Experience the Magic

The most effective and successful people are those who understand themselves, both their strengths and weaknesses.
Is it time to learn and discover what is driving your actions and controlling your thoughts? Who or what unconscious thoughts or genetically inherited beliefs or anxieties are driving your life?

Is it time to create lasting  changes to your body, your behaviours, and your mind?  Is it time to sweep out negative thoughts and patterns that no longer serve you? Take the time to connect your mind and body so they work together for your highest purpose and passion. Achieve your ultimate goals. This process goes beyond affirmation and thinking positive.

Simone’s approach changes your brain at a cellular level, so the change is done with ease and peace.

Whether you are a CEO, business professional, small business owner, a full-time parent or professional athlete, let’s begin your road to a higher quality of life. Together we will create the path your were destined for. Discover and reawaken the perfect blueprint of health, wealth, success, love and career.

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$199.00 per 30 minutes session, packages available.

Private Coaching Sessions

Step 1

Turn any dream or goal into reality

Create outstanding health, wealth, peace of mind, and joy.

Step 2

Behaviour Sweep

 Get Clarity on what is preventing you from achieving your goals.

Step 3

Would you use a hammer to cut down a tree?  You can use a hammer but it takes alot more effort and wasted time. You will be given the tools that are right for you, so you can create a daily practice.

You might be missing the TOOLS and strategies necessary to achieve the goals you desire.

Step 4

There may be internal conflict between your desires, beliefs and behaviours that interfere with achieving your goals.
Design a path that leads directly to your goals, with ease.

I look forward to serving you on your path to a pain free life now.

Referral Information

Referral Information

There is a fee for online referrals and protocol development. Simone custom tailors a program for you and your injury, as well as researches and vets appropriate and qualified practitioners in your area. Please note that a short call will be required for Simone to obtain the most up to date and relevant information on your injury.

Research per Half Hour = $125.00
Half Hour Consult = $125.00
One Hour Consult = $200.00

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Create the Change You Desire Now

To achieve your goals you need to be specific. Your goals need to be in alignment with your conscious and unconscious being (underlying beliefs and your physical body) Specific details are important.

What thoughts or beliefs are preventing you from having what you really want in life? Release these beliefs so you can change your life NOW, with Behaviour Sweep Technique, the proven systematic approach Simone has created.

Behaviour Sweep Technique utilizes and melds together hypnotherapy, NLP, body talk, behavioural analysis, and other techniques to develop and connect you to your best and higher self.

Private coaching session with Simone, gives you individual attention. Telephone, skype or in person sessions. Start with you free coaching strategy session by calling today.

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