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Let’s find your solution together.

Simone built her business on the premise that all pain begins in the brain.

 To create lasting change, you have to go to the root cause.

The source of the pain, obstacle, or behavior could stem from a limiting belief, trauma, brain biochemistry, experiences, or epigenetics.

Let’s remove the pattern of “It is how it was always done, or there is no other way”  and move towards all possible things.

Simone is an expert at identifying blocks both seen and unseen.

Highly regarded healer, teacher, entrepreneur, authority in brain retraining, and research in neurotransmitter revolutionizing brain treatment and business coaching.



The Dynamic Brain Healing course was so helpful for developing a plan for concussion clients. The review of brain anatomy really revealed how useful this course would be for all clients in fact, particularly those with sleep issues, anxiety, memory or balance problems.

For therapists without training in fascial release this is a really important starting point. For those already familiar with fascial release it will add tools to your tool box.

Right after taking the course I was able to use the protocols on 2 clients, one with a recent concussion and one who experienced severe concussions in her youth. Both noticed an immediate light feeling and a clearer head. The latter had better balance on a daily basis in between treatments.

Massage therapists considering taking this course should know that most physical therapists are keen to refer out their difficult concussion patients, you could easily and immediately increase your clientele.

Danielle T