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Simone Fortier stands at the cutting edge of new methods to creating lasting change, to healing, her mission crystal clear— to get results, a direct approach to guide those grappling with the invisible battles of concussion symptoms, mTBI, and persistent, unresolved pain towards a optimal, pain-free life.

As an acclaimed International Concussion Teacher and ADHD Consultant, her expertise extends far beyond the realms of traditional therapy.

Simone is a beacon of hope, a Fascia Treatment and Course creator, whose results have been hailed as transformative by professionals across the globe, from the elite spheres of  NHL, MLB and NFL athletes to the precision-driven world of Olympic competitors.

Simone’s journey is marked by innovation and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

The Fascia Training Institute, her brainchild, stands testament to her pioneering spirit, offering groundbreaking Brain Nutrition, Concussion Treatments and Fascia Treatment and Training SFT a Therapy that transcends the ordinary, offering a lifeline to those ensnared in the clutches of chronic pain and neurological turmoil.

With each session, Simone weaves a tapestry of relief and recovery, her intuitive touch targeting the very crux of her clients’ agony.

Over 30 years of Experience in Business, Training and Treatment

Her talents do not end at the therapist’s table.

Simone is also a revered author, her works like “How to Beat Brain Burps” and “How to Heel Plantar Fasciitis” serving as crucial resources for those seeking solace and solutions in the face of ADHD and concussion challenges.  “Business Strategies 101 – Take your Business Online:. mTBI and Concussion Recovery book soon to be released and is co-authoring a book with Lisa Nichols “Rise UP”

Her acclaimed course, “Younger by Tonight—Better than Botox,” is more than a regimen; it’s a revolution in self-care, an empowering protocol that intertwines beauty with brain health. Simone’s holistic approach does not merely skim the surface; it dives deep into the psyche, unraveling and reconstructing the complex interplay of mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

At the heart of Simone’s philosophy lies an unshakable belief in empowerment through knowledge. As a Master Brain Health and Wellness Coach, she equips her clients with the arsenal they need to conquer their inner demons—be it anxiety, overwhelm, or self-doubt. Her approach is a fusion of science and soul, merging Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnotherapy, and a profound understanding of neurotransmitters to reshape the contours of her clients’ lives.

Her techniques are not mere remedies but tools for transformation. From brain nutrition programs designed to rejuvenate neural pathways to strategic goal-setting that carves a path to success, Simone’s methods are a lighthouse guiding clients away from the tempest of negative self-talk and towards the calm shores of achievement and fulfillment.

Simone Fortier is not just a therapist, an author, or a coach—she is a visionary whose life’s work is dedicated to unlocking human potential.

In a world where pain and confusion cloud the future, Simone’s voice rings clear and true, offering a way forward for those daring enough to dream of a life defined not by limitations, but by boundless possibilities.

Since partnering with Simone in 2000, my patients have experienced tremendous improvements in managing their pain and concussion symptoms. Her contributions have been pivotal to these successful outcomes.

Her reputation as an expert in business, brain health, soft tissue injury treatment, pain management, and concussion care is well-earned and widely recognized within the healthcare community.

Our ongoing partnership has been instrumental in elevating the standard of care. Simone’s insights have been pivotal in refining our treatments and integrating cutting-edge best practices into our business model, all with the goal of delivering superior outcomes for our patients.

Simone’s extensive experience and deep understanding of integrative medicine have positioned her as an invaluable resource for consulting services.

Her adeptness in navigating the complexities of this field has not only enhanced our operational excellence but has also provided a blueprint for businesses looking to thrive within the intricate landscape of integrative medicine

Dr. Trevor Hoffman



Founder of the Fascia Training Institute, a beacon of hope for those seeking solace from the invisible wounds of chronic pain and neurological conditions. At its helm was a figure renowned for her healing touch and pioneering spirit.

The Founder was not just a title but an embodiment of a vision that stretched beyond the conventional. She was the creator of the revolutionary SFT Technique, a method that had changed lives and shaped the future of manual therapy. Her institute was a sanctuary where science and compassion met, where each patient was not just a case but a story waiting to be rewritten.

Beneath her calm exterior lay a reservoir of knowledge and certifications that few could match. She was a Certified Master Trainer in NLP Therapy, her words woven with the power to reprogram the mind and release the chains of pain. A Master Certified Hypnotherapist, she could navigate the subconscious, unlocking the mysteries that held her patients back from full health.

Her expertise was recognized far and wide, with certifications from the Lavel University for Concussion Management and the National Coaching Certification Program at level one currently taking programs from the Carrick Institute – Functional Neurology. She had delved into the depths of conflict resolution at the Justice Institute of British Columbia, equipping her with the tools to mediate the inner turmoil of her clients.

Her hands had learned the delicate art of Chikly Brain Therapy, Educational Kinesiology and Brain Gym Teacher Training, each step a note in the symphony of movement and cognition.

The Founder’s legacy also included Business Strategies and Mindset reprograming, a method she crafted to reshape the narrative of the brain, to change thought patterns as one would sweep away cobwebs from an old, forgotten attic.

Beyond the walls of her institute, the Founder’s voice reached the masses as she produced and hosted “Health Talk” on Calgary Cable, her insights and advice flowing through the city like a healing stream. Her written words graced the pages of health and wellness magazines, each article a testament to her authority and passion for sharing her knowledge.

Her spirit of service extended to the Mayo Clinic, where she volunteered in the sleep disorder clinic, and to the research halls of Arizona State University, contributing to a cancer research project that sought answers to one of humanity’s greatest medical challenges.

Amidst this mosaic of achievements, the Founder held a membership with the International Association of Healthcare Practitioners, a badge of honor that connected her to a global community of healers.

Each certification, each role she took on, was a thread in the rich tapestry of her life’s work. The patients who walked through the doors of the Fascia Training Institute knew they were in the presence of not just a healer, but a visionary who had woven her very essence into the fabric of healthcare and wellness.


  • Charles Poliquin, NFL NHL and MLB strength and conditioning coach;
  • Preston Greene, Baskestball Strength Coach  Florida Gators, Miami Hurricanes and University of Clemson;
  • Chad Ikei, MMA and Football coach;
  • Strength and conditioning coaches in New York, Arizona, Florida and more;
  • International Naturopaths and Chiropractors;
  • Sports Medical Doctors;

Athletes I’ve Worked With

List of champions, where the pursuit of greatness is relentless.  “To be the best, you must work with the best.” The therapist or coach is more than a mentor; they are a catalyst for transcendence, a guardian of potential. They stand as an unwavering pillar, offering wisdom that propels the elite to the zenith of their abilities.

Simone worked with NFL luminaries like Jeff Garcia and Donovan McNabb.

Their sessions are meticulous, focusing on fascia flexibility to keep the athletes supple and swift, ensuring they remain unchallenged atop their game. It is a dance of discipline and dedication, where each movement is calibrated for peak performance.

The Arizona Cardinals, a mosaic of raw power and grace, benefit from the profound understanding of the body’s intricate balance with performance, nutrition and recovery.

With each tailored exercise, the athletes’ recovery time shortens, their resilience builds, and their performances on the field speak of a superior treatment with Simone hands.

In the melody of Waylon Jennings’ guitar, there is a newfound depth—a testament of Simone’s versatility. Jennings’ fingers move with a freedom born from the same principles that guide the athletes’ rigorous training. His music reaches new heights, echoing the coach’s philosophy that excellence knows no bounds. Simone worked with him until his passing.

The Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos, too, bear witness to the transformative power of the coach’s expertise. Injury recovery becomes a path to evolution, not just restoration. Lamar King, Shawn Springs and Harald Hasselbach embody this spirit, their comebacks from setbacks becoming legends of their own.

In the MLB, the coach infuses the Atlanta Braves with a competitive edge. Javy Veras , Andruw Jones, and Tom Glavine move with a fluidity that belies the strength within—each pitch, each catch, each sprint a result of their honed fascial health and dynamic flexibility.

On the ice, in the NHL, Claude Lemieux and his compatriots translate the fascia treatment into a resilience that endures the harshest of games.

The PGA greats, from Billy Mayfair to Jack Nicklaus, find their swings imbued with a grace that carries their balls true to the pin.

For Olympians like Kristen Bujnowski, and Tiare Lynn Ikei, the coach’s influence extends beyond the physical creating ease in movement and recovery.

Simone a master of pain resolution, brain nutrition and performance, instills a simple yet profound belief: that to ascend and remain at the pinnacle of one’s field, one must embrace the perpetual journey of improvement.

Simones presence becomes a force that not only elevates performance but also ignites a relentless drive to push beyond known limits.



Jeff Garcia, Donovan McNabb, Philippe Sparks and Combine Athletes in Arizona.

Arizona Cardinals
Tommy Bennett, David Boston, Corey Chavous, Anthony Clement, Mac Cody, Mark Maddox, Corey Sears, Andre Wadsworth, Aeneas Williams, JJ McCleskey, Lester Holmes, Budha Baker

Seattle Seahawks
Shawn Springs, Lamar King

Denver Broncos
Harald Hasselbach

MLB – Atlanta Braves
Andruw Jones, Javy Veras, Quilvio Veras, Dave Martinez, Brian Jordon, Chris Seelbach, Tom Glavine, Rafael Furcal

NHL – Claude Lemieux, Todd Simpson, Brad May

PGA – Billy Mayfair, Jack Nicklaus, Scott McCarron

Olympians – Kristen Bujnowski, Tiare Lynn Ikei, Victoria Anthony


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