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Simone Fortier is passionate about supporting those at risk after experiencing a head injury and those with chronic unresolved pain. She is an International Concussion and ADHD Consultant, Fascia Therapist, Teacher, Lecturer, and Speaker. The Founder of Stretching Fascia Therapy, Fascia Training Institute. The author of How to Beat Brain Burps, a book for parents and teachers to support ADHD, concussion, and hypermobile children, gain balance and improve brain functioning with simple movements by Fascia Cat. The author of How to Heel Plantar Fasciitis and 5 Skin Care Hacks. Creator of the Course Younger by Tonight Better than Botox, the side effect of the concussion treatment self-care protocol.

The main focus is to empower others to free themselves from physical, emotional, and psychological pain. Simone is a master at discovering the root cause of physical pain, anxiety, and overwhelm. Simone has established herself as a pioneer in Fascia Treatment, Concussion Protocols, Healing ADHD, and Fascially based Functional exercise. Simone, as a fascia therapist/teacher and brain health coach, uses her strong intuitive sense to resolve old beliefs, physical patterns, and behaviors that no longer serve the individual to live a vibrant, successful, and pain-free life.

Simone is an exceptional Fascia Therapist and a world-renowned developer of Stretching Fascia Therapy (SFT). She is highly regarded and well respected in the manual therapy field, with testimonials from professional athletes in the MLB, PGA, NHL, CFL, and NFL. Many Olympic athletes, colleagues, and strength coaches also offer high praise. Simone is commended for her continued clinical research in the studies of fascia, movement, and human body functions.

As a Solution Based Master Mind/ Fascia Coach, Simone works with individuals who desire improved health, increased wealth, sharper focus, and overall happiness. Her approach creates increased awareness/connection to self, which can directly affect the individual’s future endeavors, outcomes, and successes. Simone uses a unique combination of a Brain Health Assessment and vast knowledge of Neurotransmitters and how they affect perception, suicidal ideation, ADHD, and mental health. Simone has a solid background in psychology, utilizing tools developed from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), dialogue, imagery, and hypnotherapy to empower individuals to find and use their skills to live their best lives. Techniques such as brain nutrition programs to heal the brain, attracting your ideal client, goal setting, strategizing, learning to stay focused and get things done, and stopping the hamster wheel or negative self-talk prevent success in all areas of your life.

I have worked with Simone since 2000, she is well known in the healthcare field for her expertise in developing effective treatment for soft tissue injuries, pain management, and concussions.

I have regularly collaborated with Simone over the years and have sought her consulting services to increase the effectiveness of Paradigms treatments and best practices as a business for our patients.

Her experience and background have provided her with the expertise to provide excellent consulting services to business in the integrative medicine field.

Dr. Trevor Hoffman



  • Founder and Developer of SFT Technique and Fascia Training Institute
  • Certified Master Trainer NLP Therapist
  • Master Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Level 1 National Coaching Certification Program
  • Lavel University Concussion Management Certification
  • Justice Institute of British Columbia – Foundation of Collaborative Conflict Resolution
  • Chikly  Brain Therapy
  • Educational Kinesiology
  • Brain Gym Teacher Training
  • Founder of Behaviour Sweep NLP Technique – Change How Your Brain Works
  • Producer and Host of Health Talk on Calgary Cable
  • Author of several articles published in health and wellness magazines
  • Volunteered Mayo Clinic – sleep disorder clinic
  • Participated in Cancer Research Project ASU

Member of the International Association of Healthcare Practitioners

Athletes I’ve Worked With


Jeff Garcia, Donovan McNabb, Philippe Sparks and Combine Athletes in Arizona.

Arizona Cardinals
Tommy Bennett, David Boston, Corey Chavous, Anthony Clement, Mac Cody, Mark Maddox, Corey Sears, Andre Wadsworth, Aeneas Williams, JJ McCleskey, Lester Holmes, Budha Baker

Seattle Seahawks
Shawn Springs, Lamar King

Denver Broncos
Harald Hasselbach

MLB – Atlanta Braves
Andruw Jones, Javy Veras, Quilvio Veras, Dave Martinez, Brian Jordon, Chris Seelbach, Tom Glavine, Rafael Furcal

NHL – Claude Lemieux, Todd Simpson, Brad May

PGA – Billy Mayfair, Jack Nicklaus, Scott McCarron

Olympians – Kristen Bujnowski, Tiare Lynn Ikei, Victoria Anthony


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