Restore and rejuvenate your body from chronic pain, inflammation, joint pain, swelling, bruising, surgery or brain injury.

Lymphatic Drainage and Therapy

Lymphatic Therapy Uses

1.  Activates fluid circulation – reroutes stagnant fluid (edema) in skin, muscles, viscera joints, cranial sutures, changes of the eyes, and brain.

2. Drain fluids

  • Toxins: to promote tissue regeneration, over scars, stretch marks, or wrinkles.  Anti-aging properties and reduces the appearance of cellulite in the tissues
  • Eliminates protein – rich fluid helping re-absorption of inflammation and edema
  • Fat removal – lymphatic vessels can help to evacuate fat

3. Stimulate the immune system – Increase lymph flow carries more antigens to the lymph nodes

  • Used for prevention.
  • Help with chronic or subacute inflammation processes, bronchitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis laryngitis, arthritis, acne, eczema, chronic fatigue autoimmune disease the list goes on.

4. Stimulates the parasympathetic system – takes you out of fight or flight. Extremely helpful in dealing with stress, depression, or sleep disorders.

5. Reduces Pain – alleviates tissue fluid and may inhibit nociceptors.

6. Reduces Muscle Spasm – When the fascia is so tight or muscles will not release, lymphatic therapy melts the muscles, also helps with digestion issues and constipation.

Lymphatic Therapy Can Remove the Appearance of Cellulite

Stretching Fascia Therapy incorporates lymphatic drainage throughout the treatments, fascia release can put the body into fight or flight, and the lymphatic therapy relaxes and calms down the nervous system.  Individuals have had great results with sleep disorders, digestions issues,  irritable bowel, and constipation. I have worked with hundreds of breast cancer survivors to improve lymphatic drainage and increase the range of motion after surgery. Working with plastic surgeons before and after plastic surgery has improved the results so that there is less recovery time, less dimpling in the skin after liposuction and the scars heal correctly.

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