Introducing Cinnamon the Fascia Catz and Snowy the Lymph Catz

Fascia Training Institute and Simone Fortier are pleased to announce the launch of Simone’s children’s book ” How to Beat Brain Burps” September 2018.


Here is what my editor is saying before its released.

“Maybe I’ve tuned in more since meeting you, but I notice so many people who have pain. My dad with his arthritis, and others. Keep doing your work in the world; we need it. And teaching teachers, the healers of the future. On another note, the Fascia Catz moves, help me.”

This book is for everyone who experiences forgetfulness, tiredness, brain fog difficulty focusing, trouble falling asleep, not as flexible or strong as you once were, balance issues or struggles in learning.

Cinnamon the Fascia Catz, former fragile orphan and now happily adopted cat, understands. Cinnamon had to overcome many health and learning obstacles to become a kitty with Super Powers of balance, perception, and learning. Discover in this book the secret exercises that help switch on the brain to improve learning, balance, and performance.

Learn how to change your brain through movement. Special guest appearance by Snowy the Lymph Catz.

Say goodbye to Brain Burps the Fascia Catz way.

The book is designed for children ages 8 and over, designed to share with parents or use on their own. Movements can be done anytime and are best to be done with the parent. I have done these exercises with children as young as three years old with fantastic results.

To pre-order email, payments of $24.99 the tax can be made by paypal or e transfer.