Research catches up!

After 15 years of observing how personalities such as type A’s and or people who have ADHD heal differently often needing more nutritional support to calm the brain down as well as taking the body and brain out of fight or flight.  These clinical observations have been confirmed by research presented at the Concussion Summit at Ohio State University this week. Type A personality people, or overachievers, often go back to their old lifestyle too soon. They tend to be impatient with recovery as they believe it does not apply to them. They will beat the odds.

Eating out, working out, and going back to work too soon can lead to long term or permanent damage to the brain and extraordinary stress. This type of person usually runs out of gas after 10 years, often develops depression, and their life span is shortened by 9 years. While under strain and great stress, the brain can adapt until there is a complete failure.

The following symptoms that can arise:

  1. Seizures are 50x more likely
  2. Drug overdose is 11x more likely
  3. Infection is 9x more likely
  4. Pneumonia is 6x more likely

Falling, car accidents, whiplash-type injuries, and an accumulation of small or what seems insignificant hits to the head or may not be.

It is best to take the time and invest in the treatment that is needed to support the brain’s full recovery. The longer you wait, the longer it will take.

Although employers are pushing people to return to work too soon, causing increased anxiety both physically and financially,  80 percent will be unemployed within 5 years. There are many realistic challenges that can be overcome with proper education, pacing, and a return to work program. This injury is a silent injury, you may look fine but the ability of the brain to function has been compromised. This can lead to:

  1. Changes in weight
  2. Sleep disturbance
  3. Premature aging
  4. Substance abuse

The message – don’t risk your brain health and quality of life.

Learn how you can support your brain to prevent signs of aging and to enhance performance at any age.