Prevention is the key to staying healthy at any time.

Stay healthy from the inside out. Build a healthy immune system with proper nutrition, eating real foods, and staying away from process or packaged food that tax your immune system.

Learn tips and techniques that you can easily do

Simple ways to boost your immune system to prevent infection from all sorts of viruses and bacterial infections:

  1. Wash your hands and use a paper towel to dry them
  2. Use hand sanitizers
  3. Cover your mouth with a tissue or your sleeve when you sneeze or cough
  4. Don’t go to work or public places if you are sick or feel under the weather
  5. Listen to Solfeggio frequencies to boost your immune system
  6. Listen to the following rife frequencies for 5 minutes each on YouTube, or download a Hz frequency app on your smartphone
    •  5950
    • 28750
    • 25860
    • 31735
    • 2500
    • 26485
    • 35937
    • 37000
    • 37583

Frequencies can kill unhealthy cells. They are free and a great resource for those who need an immune boost.

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