Dr. Corey Deacon shares his story of how concussion changed his life during university.

Dr. Corey Deacon recalls his first concussion at age 11 after playing hockey. Symptoms started after he played football, started with anxiety that he started to self-medicate with alcohol

Raw and Real Disclosure

Dr. Deacon shares that symptoms of concussions came after he played football, suicidal thoughts and panic attacks, close to taking his life why he did to get his brain back and become the successful practitioners he is today.

“On the surface, no one would have known that I was struggling”. We look healthy and successful on the outside but on the inside drowning in negative self-talk and thoughts. People need to know what was happening and how it happening.

Dr. Deacon was socially active and then slowly started to isolate himself.

No support from the Current Medical System

Dr. Deacon shares “Suffering is the metric of health, the medical system is reactive, not proactive, it can be too late or takes a lot more work”.

Internal thoughts that lead to suicide yet outwardly you were achieving goals?  Dr. Deacon shared helplessness became bigger, dorsal vagal state brain preps for death, if we are wounded we lay down and hope to heal, the brain starts to prepare to die.

How did you come back from that? Having a support system is crucial whether it is family; friends or professionals seek out someone to talk to. Share yours story.

Concussions caused the cascade of emotional symptoms. Leading to vagal nerve dysfunction after a head injury, this is an important factor that needs to be addressed. The vagus nerve has an effect of every organ in the body. It runs down the left side of you neck into your digestive organs.


Digestion maybe compromised after head injury and stress of functioning, and the toxic environment affects the brain and immune system causing inflammation, which is a loop, again affects the brain.

Dr. Deacon share being a vegetarian was a disaster for him. How he became a researcher to discover a solution to his own concussion issues, he discovered that medical professionals are treating symptoms, need to get to the root. This approach is similar to working with Fascia. Fascia is the root cause of man undiagnosed or pain that cannot be treated.

Dr. Deacon shares more about how neck injury can affect hypothalamus. Watch the entire video below. Part 1 of a 4 part series. Please follow us on youtube or subscribe to the channel Concussed Chicks Chat. If you have any questions or stories you would like to share please email us at concusssedchickschat@gmail.com.