New Organ Discovered

According to NYU School of Medicine March 2018, a new organ has discovered the Interstitium.  This discovery created quite a stir in the media.

NYU researchers described it is just below the surface of the skin, lining the digestive tract, lungs, urinary system and surrounding arteries veins and the fascia between the muscles are interconnecting fluid filled compartments. The compartments are seen only in live tissues or bodies.


What they formally discovered was the fascia creates interstitial space. This space is supported by strong collagen and flexible (elastin) connective tissue protein which acts like a shock absorber that keeps tissues from tearing as organs, muscles and vessels move, pump and pulse as part of their daily function.

Science is catching and supporting clinical observations and studies validating fascia therapy and manipulation.

Taking it one step further, as fascia connects all tissues, organs, and cells, I could boldly state that disruption such as chronic inflammation in the fascial system, inflammation in the fascial system is the cause of all disease.

Treating pain symptoms may provide temporary relief, but if the system is injured or compromised somewhere else, the pain will return.

Brain and all Possibilities

The  Space that holds all cells together – Thoughts to Ponder

The space between the cells and the atoms are the foundation of the fascia.  The next question that comes to my mind is the fascia the structure that houses the essence or spirit of the body? Once a person is no longer alive, the fascia collapses, the form starts to disintegrate and change. This instant change in the fascia happens when the spirit leaves the body.

Until we are able to measure this by science is just a thought or a theory of how special fascia is and why I have had an affinity to working with fascia

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