Lack of Manual Treatment for Concussion Found all over the World.

The understanding of concussion is ambiguous, the research shows the mechanisms and structures involved in the brain and body, but what is happening to the person cannot be measured by science at this point.

I had the opportunity to treat a dentist from Amsterdam. First, introduced by a friend who had scheduled an appointment, she was present at his appointment.  We started chatting and within 5 minutes I asked her friend if she could have his treatment felt she was at the point of possible permanent impairment. Her brain was stressed and inflamed.

Her concussion occurred during a bike accident, she can not remember what happened but feels she was hit by a car. She was unconscious and taken to the hospital. They recommended rest, time off work, the standard protocol. It had been three months, and she was not getting better.

Bike Accident

I asked her if she had ADHD, she confirmed my suspicions. Individuals with already compromised or biochemically altered brains are the 20 percent that does not recover with regular rest and time off after head injury.

She was struggling, going back to work part-time was overwhelming, she had lost all strategies to focus, it took longer to do her work and she was a perfectionist, this caused her even more distress.

How did I know so much about concussion, she asked? No one has been able to explain it or understand what she is experiencing. I shared I had had several concussions myself, and that was the inspiration for the creation of my treatment protocol. Experience is the best teacher. All the medical professional I have seen, only the ones with ADHD, can understand how difficult it is to function and recover from concussion., no one else listens as you look normal. The lady was higher functioning mentally, to begin with, she excelled at her practice and at school, the test does not apply to people like this, as they test normal but it’s not their normal.

I could not stress how important it was to work with her, she was struggling, and her brain was not healing. The treatment was essential a catalyst for the healing to begin.
After the treatment, we could see in her eyes that she was back and present. Her body could relax.

Part of the email she wrote me when she arrived home.

Thank you for your time and consultation/treatment. Saturday after I felt quite good, but as a result did too much activity, and Sunday was a down day.  ( I have to warn  people not to overdo it, as they are not healed but feel so much better)

It was really interesting what you did, and it helped. I do feel that last days I was emotional I times I did not expect to react like that.  ( The trauma of the event was stored in her fascia and her body, it has to come out for the healing to be complete)

Taking the body out of fight or flight is essential for healing, only then can the for other treatment modalities work.

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