I this episode, I share briefly how my ADHD put my brain in overdrive after my second concussion in 2010. The nature of my physical injuries prevented me from working out for 5 years, but my weight did maintain even though through blood test I had a hypothyroid due to the stress, pain and brain changes.


A large percentage of individuals with head injury have a change in their hormones and experience weight gain. It is advisable to always get a hormone panel done to chart what your brain is doing and what glands are functioning or need support.

50 Pounds

Marcia has gained a lot of weight 50 pounds in 3 years. I first met her after her second accident and I noticed a significant weight gain after the third concussion. There are so many factors involved, inability to make the best food choices, hormonal changes and the craving of sugar for energy and to self-medicate.

Having 3 concussions is three years without a resolution to the previous concussion has a drastic effect on the body, brain, and hormones.

Asking Doctors

Marcia “why am I gaining weight?” Health care professionals are saying its aging as they are unaware of how concussion affects the hormones. We don’t know what we don’t know.


Things to do to get your brain to calm down

  1. Sleep
  2. Listen to solfeggio frequencies or classical music
  3. Breathing
  4. Lymphatic Therapy
  5. Cranial Sacral Therapy

Hierarchy to treatment!

Massage and acupuncture might not be the best therapy if it causes pain, and if your body is still in fight or flight. There is a hierarchy to treatment. As a medical intuitive as well as a health care practitioner it helps in determining what treatment plan is optimal for healing.

This show also discussed how does the lymph affect weight gain and what is the lymphatic system, why is that important in a concussion. The flow of lymph can make you gain weight if it slows down.

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