Concussed chicks chat about the movie Concussion starring Will Smith. This movie opened up the conversation about head injury and brought awareness and laser-like focus on the NFL and of how concussion affects your life, relationships and suicidal thoughts to mainstream media and puts pressure on the NFL to start addressing concussion.


It began a conversation about CTE and the study of a 112 NFL ex-athlete’s brains. What the media did not report is that yes 110 had CTE but only a small portion had symptoms. What else is factoring into behavior change, personality shifts, and suicidal thoughts?


Falling in the number one cause of Concussion, but this is not a glamorous story. This happens to real people, children and seniors mostly, that get overlooked in the health care system. Even now it is wonderful that associations and sports groups are doing an assessment and return to play programs, this is extremely important but the children who are not playing sport at 2, 3 or 4 and seniors are not getting the assessment or health care they need.

Family’s members are affected as well. It is hard to understand what is going on to the person you love. Their behaviors change, magnify or even become unrecognizable.

The concussed person wants their brain back, and the family members want them back.


How to heal a concussion is a long journey for 20 percent of the concussed people 80 percent tend to heal within 4 weeks. For the 20 percent, it takes a team to heal concussion, which means several practitioners. Not one modality will heal a concussion.

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