A concussion can happen to anyone at any time.

Marcia( Concussed Chick) shares her story of how she had 3 concussions. Her first concussion happened in a car accident she was taken to the hospital, the medical personnel and emergency focused on her arm, as she could not move it. In reality is your brain less important than a broken bone?

How things have changed in 3 years. Vomiting is a sign that there could be a brain bleed, concussion, or inflammation on the brain. Marcia was given Benadryl as they thought she was having an allergic reaction to the medication.  Was sent home and told she was fine as she did not have a broken arm. They did not even think about a concussion.


Marcia Shares Her Story

Her symptoms continually got worse, with no support and no treatment. This is part of the reason why concussion people feel isolated, overwhelmed and begin to feel helpless.  Concussed individuals are not the best advocates for their own health care, they often can not even communicate that something is wrong they just know how they feel is off.  The brain starts to adapt and behaviour and thought process change. They might have slurred speech, extreme fatigue,  Marcia could not keep her eyes open, extremeness pain in her head, nothing would take away her pain, sensitivity to light, sound. She was asking for help and not being heard.


Chiropractor Dr. Jason Dick Diagnoses Concussion!

Marcia’s chiropractor was the first health care professional diagnosing her with Concussion. But what is the next step? What therapy is necessary to get Marcia’s brain back and healthy?

Listen to hear what Marcia was like before the concussion. And how each concussion changed her life. And how her life was taken away from her, with no support from the traditional medical profession.   What was her pain like and her symptoms?

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