Cerebral Spinal Fluid – Dynamic Brain Healing

What is the Wave and the Cranial Sacral System?


The Cranial Sacral system comprises membranes and fluid surrounding, protects, and nourishes the brain and spinal cord. By specifically addressing this system, the body experiences a deep sense of relaxation, often necessary for physical healing. The cranial treatment directly affects the nervous system and the dura.

The cerebral spinal fluid supplies nutrients washing over, facilitating healing and soothing of the nerves and connective tissue – Fascia. The cranial system is interwoven into the Fascial system and thus affects the entire body. Any trauma to the body often can cause the fascia surrounding the spinal cord and the brain to restrict, reduce or hinder the flow of cerebrospinal fluid that normally nourishes, heals, and supports the spinal cord. Cranial therapy reduces these blockages or restrictions to restore optimal normal function.

The extremely light manipulation creates a safe treatment method for children or infants who have experienced any early stressors, including but not limited to birth trauma. Releasing restrictions around the central nervous system early in life will likely help prevent future difficulties such as learning disabilities or hyperactivity.

Cerebral Spinal Fluid is addressed in the Dynamic Brain Protocol, which helps heal the brain after trauma or concussion. Book a session by giving us a call.