How to Beat Brain Burps


How to Beat Brain Burps

This book is for all ages. Learn how to improve memory, learning, and balance at any age.

Introducing Cinnamon the Fascia Cat, wildcinziecat_persian on Instagram.

Fascia Cat shares secret brain tips to help improve reading, writing, learning, coordination, and digestive health.

This book is for parents of kids, adults and seniors.  Anyone who may have reading difficulties and/or memory issues; children who fall, appear clumsy, and/or suffer from continual stomachaches.

Fascia Cat movements help improve vision, motor skills, and sensory skills.

 Cinnamon was the lone survivor of a litter of kittens. Her birth mother was unable to take care of her and Cinnamon was adopted by Twilight. Cinnamon is hypermobile, even for a kitty. This hypermobility affected her digestion and led to stomach distress. Simone listened to Cinnamon and took note of her symptoms, which included diarrhea and behavioural issues. This attention to a distressed cat led to the discovery of a diet and the exercises that improved Cinnamon’s overall health. Now, Cinnamon, the Fascia Cat wants to share these secrets with you in her health series books.

Inside, you will read about: Exercise and movements that help to re-educate the brain. Understanding the importance of water and intentional breathing.  Teaching movements that involve both sides of the brain to connect the right and left hemispheres so that the brain can work as a complete unit. When the brain is functioning as a whole, learning becomes easy, behaviour improves, and coordination is restored.


“You have brains in your head and feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose.” Dr. Seuss