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11 Secret Strategies

This book shares a journey of personal healing and discovery of secret treatments and therapies that truly work.

Have you have been on a path seeking solutions and answers for conditions or ailments that cause pain? Looking on the internet, being overwhelmed with the abundance of information that is out there, faced with information overload, trying to decide what is a valid option and what one is just full of empty promises? Simone has done the research for you and has designed this book with you in mind, created it to bring into your awareness options that are credible and clinically proven to facilitate healing and reduce pain.

We don’t know what we don’t know. When that is the case, we are thus journeying without a good map or a destination. We can’t always locate good research on all available options. We may not even know what some of those options are. What alternative treatment or therapy is out there? Perhaps an unfamiliar approach exists that could easily resolve a medical or health issue.

Each body heals in a unique hierarchical manner. What is right for your friend or neighbor might not be the answer for you just now.

Asking the right questions is crucial in finding your answers. Simone Fortier will help you find solutions that work. If specific treatments haven’t worked in the past, Simone can provide a reason why.

This book is based on clinical studies as well as on a personal journey to heal six concussions, whiplash, herniated discs, a dislocated shoulder, separated ribs, nerve damage, hypermobility (extreme flexibility), migraines, memory loss, hearing loss and a near-death experience in South America, salmonella poisoning, ten days spent in ICU – and all of the emotional challenges that came with each injury and condition.

Simone is sharing her experience in overcoming all obstacles to live a prosperous and pain-free life, so that you can, too.

“Pain has been my greatest teacher and motivator; I now commit to stop being an experiential learner.” Simone Fortier

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