FTI Brain Health Educational Webinar Video

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After you complete our FTI Brain Health Assessment take the next step in your education and growth with our webinar video.



Brain Health Webinar

Has your quality of sleep changed? Suffer from anxiety? Brain fog? Do you feel older than you look?

Learn how to get your brain back. The answers are hidden deep with the brain. Learn how to transform your brain to improve memory, reduce anxiety, look and feel younger by switching on your brain.

This is part one of a series of ongoing Brain Health Webinars.

Simone partnered with medical doctors and health professionals, and incorporates a clinically proven quiz and protocols to support those who move through trauma, concussion, PTSD, and ADHD. She has supported many through this program to see significant life improvements.

Brenda had this to say: “Wow. I just participated in a Zoom presentation of ‘The Secret to a Healthy Brain at Any Age’, by the Fascia Training Institute. Being 20 months post-concussion, I found the presentation so helpful and informative. Simone Fortier is working with me for supplements and exercise for my brain, but this condensed it in a nutshell. It was presented in such an organized way, even my “squirrel” brain could understand. All the test numbers make sense. There is a science behind the reason and the order of supplements and exercises. As Simone has suffered many concussions, she understands when I say “my circuits have shut down” doing certain activities. Simone has me on a program that is as individual to me as my finger print. I highly recommend attending The Secret to a Healthy Brain at Any Age presentation. You don’t have to have a concussion to appreciate this. For general health and optimal brain health, this is a must see. There are so many environmental issues going on in our world, we all have to be a proponent for our brain and physical health. Simone encourages me to be the champion of ME. I look forward to continued presentations. People of all ages will glean so much from these presentations, I encourage all to participate. Yours in post-concussion success, Brenda Tharle”  


To take the Brain Health Assessment, click https://www.fasciatraininginstitute.com/product/brain-health-assessment


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