This week more than ever could be challenging due to the US election. This election affects individuals from all countries, not just Americans.

First let’s look at what Jesus would do.

Show gratitude and kindness.

Kindness Challenge: Things To Do

  1. Be kind to your brain! Stop watching the news, it is bad for your health and your brain. It has increased anxiety in more people than it has helped. Watching negative words and actions all day long has been scientifically proven to weaken your immune system.
  2. Go out and live life. Watch kids play and see that the world is not stopping or crumbling due to external circumstances like disease or rioting. These events are occurring in less than 1 percent of the population. Focus on the majority who still love their families and their neighbors.
  3. Help and support those that are afraid, live healthier lives, connect to your neighbors, keep traditions that are not only good for your heart but for your brain. Get them outside close to nature and breathing fresh air.
  4. Donate to a charity or volunteer.

What Not To Do

  1. Socially shame people for their beliefs.
  2. Judge those that do not see the world like you do.
  3. Isolate if healthy. The brain needs connection with others – it’s in our DNA.
  4. Run away from others or see them as a disease or enemies.

What is in Your Control

  1. How you feel.
  2. Showing gratitude for what you have.
  3. Loving others.
  4. Being a remarkable leader.
  5. Working hard.
  6. Kind words can change the direction of a person’s life.
  7. Knowing that you matter.
  8. Learning one new thing a day and share with someone.


This week’s challenge is to stay present and calm, no matter what.

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