Simone recently published an article over at the Catholic Exchange.

hen I was a child, my dream was to become a nun. My faith, gifts and connection to God were so strong and I thought that would be the best way to get even closer to God — but not all people have that calling. I still work for God, but the Church is not my formal employer.

As I quest for strengthening my relationship with God, I continually attract people with deep faith from all religions, spiritual beliefs and personal connections. One of these particular meetings changed my life forever.

I was working with a devout Catholic couple who offered me a book they had purchased when attending a presentation by nun Sister Briege. The book, titled Miracles do Happen, turned out to be a miracle in itself. As if called by God himself, I read the book over and over until I had memorized each word. I knew that I had to meet this lady who could heal through prayer alone. As a fascial therapist, I became mystified with her intense power.

I wondered “What was her secret connection to God? Can she teach it?” I wanted to learn what she prayed, the words she used and the way she felt. I wanted to know her secrets. The eager student I was imagined some verse or memorized prayer she could teach me.

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