Why You Can’t Lose Weight is 3 Layers Deep

If you have tried every diet, every gimmick that is out there, and even invested in the fascia blaster to get rid of the appearance of cellulite, and still nothing will budge, especially the scale.

This could be the underlying cause:

Fascia – Multi Layer – Affects all Systems

Your fascia is so tight that you have a forward head position which directly affects your digestion and brain.

Not only is gravity pulling you down but so are tight fascial fibers that are pulling at your brain all day long. Physics – any structure under load ages at an accelerated rate, and the forward head position puts pressure not only on the master gland – the pituitary, but also the thyroid gland.

2nd Layer Deep

What the Pituitary Gland Influences:


  • Metabolism (how your body transforms and manages the energy from the food you eat)
  • Reproduction
  • Growth
  • Response to stress or trauma
  • Lactation
  • Water and sodium (salt) balance
  • Labor and childbirth

Why that matters to you?

If your body cannot produce and release the optimal amount of hormones necessary to heal and replenish, or if you are in a constant state of anxiety, overwhelmed, or simply have a forward head position, that directly affects your nervous system and brain.

Overwhelm and anxiety affects digestion which can cause inflammation which can affect the function of the microbiome in the gut.


You can’t lose weight.

No matter how many fasts you do,

the minute you are off,

the weight packs back on.

3rd layer deep – Sleep or Lack of Sleep

Not a badge of honor to say,

I can get by on 4 to 6 hours

According to the Cleveland Clinic

Consequences of sleep deprivation and fragmentation are being increasingly recognized.

We are a sleep-deprived society with evidence showing that we sleep on an average 6.8 hours as opposed to 9 hours a century ago.

Around 30% of adults report sleeping less than 6 hours per night. The 24/7 economy and its subsequent impact on sleep patterns may be testing the body’s limits to maintain metabolic and hormonal equilibrium.

Simply Stated

If you don’t sleep well or long enough, you will have difficulty keeping weight off or losing weight.

All of this can change by the following 3 things:

  1. Stop looking down – this is vital to your brain health and weight loss
  2. Take the Brain Health Assessment – It’s a no-brainer to tell you what is happening inside your brain. No other test can do this. An MRI, blood test, or saliva test are all great tests, but they can’t tell you the health of your brain. https://www.fasciatraininginstitute.com/brain-health-assessment/
  3. Start the Brain-Gut Weight Loss Program – Book your time to chat to see if you are a candidate. https://FasciaTrainingInstitute.as.me/?appointmentType=25701771

I look forward to supporting you on your journey to a better Brain.