It sounds strange coming from someone who sells supplements. But it is true.

90 percent of supplements are garbage

If you are buying from big box stores –

The supplements have a long shelf life

They have fillers


Which creates inflammation in the body and the #brain.

The fish oil could even be rancid.

Doctors who say don’t buy supplements lead to expensive pee.

The doctors could be right if you didn’t know what supplements to buy, and you hear random influencers talk about their product, this is the best, etc.

Or you go to #Amazon and buy the cheapest product.

When it comes to your brain and your health, you don’t want the cheapest.

It could have heavy metals in it.


And who knows what else.

It’s why I want to share the brain nutrition supplements I use. The ones I trusted to use in my

5-year Brain Health research study. The ones that produced results. And if you like me, results matter.

I know the dosage and timing, and I even build a program for you if necessary.

Join Me

Feb 14, I will be sharing the five supplements to

Help you build a better brain.

Restore energy, transform your sleep, and even increase your overall energy levels.

Imagine how you would feel if you could easily.

Focus again.

Improve your memory.

Start to build muscles again after 50.

It is all possible with proper nutrition.

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The ADHD Brain Webinar – Fascia Training Institute

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