Weak Vs. the Strong


Food has been discussed since the beginning of the existence of humanity. Rules around eating were created for survival, not thriving. Basing diets on a time when people only lived to be 20, if they weren’t eaten first, such as the Paleo diet, makes no sense to me.  As for the latest fad of fasting and the ketogenic diet, I have followed this for most of my adult life. I would rather not eat than eat something that would make me feel sick. I would go all day without eating some days and some days not.  I guess I did the intermediate fasting without knowing it.  Eating when hungry and eating the right food is the secret to a healthy body and mind.

I Know the Way!

I had an educated engineer come into my office today. I noticed right away he had lost a significant amount of weight. He shared he was doing the fasting diet, 24 to 48 hours of fasting once a week. Starvation, AKA fasting was the secret he shared that works with all people 100 percent of the time.  He went on to share that all carbs, including vegetables, are bad and should be restricted because what “they” were saying was the only truth. He kept referring to “they” as if they were the all-knowing.  It worked for him for several reasons. The amount of junk food he was ingesting before the fasting diet was so high it had given him a  nonalcoholic fatty liver.  A bile salt would have helped to reduce that effect so he could absorb fats, the diet before the fasting mattered.  He could have cut out all processed carbs and he would have lost weight, the fasting did give him an extra boost to lose inflammation.

My point is that people don’t realize how many chemicals they are eating a day, which caused him significant inflammation. The weight he lost was inflammation. The weight loss and eating no processed food changed the fascia treatment in the sense that his fascia was not systemically restricted and painful. His fascia was more pliable, and only where he had injury was their discomfort. Now, he can start making fascial changes and heal his body. I was telling him this for years about inflammation, but only when he read about fasting on the internet did he start to cut out all the foods – processed foods that were the cause of his stiffness and pain.

Fads, in my opinion, don’t work and his logic is faulty logic of all-inclusive, which is not valid. Anyone who makes a global statement that this works for everyone – beware.  For people who sit in an office all day long, their need for calories is much less than someone who is moving around all day. Yes, I agree those people could benefit from eating fewer calories during the day. But it is the calories they are choosing to consume.

I eat everything in moderation. Although my body does not like cakes, cheesecake, creamy foods, or anything too spicy. I have been a plain eater all my life as I am what’s called a supertaster. A small amount of flavor has a big explosion in my mouth so it is overwhelming, and highly rich foods make me throw up. I listen to my body; if I bloat and feel lethargic or my nose runs while I am eating a particular food, it’s a sign that my body does not like it.

If I can rest my smartphone on my stomach, it must be time to cut back on the calories or processed food.


Those with healthy immune systems and a strong constitution can eat all types of food.

Going back as far as the Bible Romans 14 –  Ones man’s faith allows him to eat everything, but another man whose faith is weak eats only vegetables. The one who eats everything must not treat with contempt the one who does not, and the one who does not eat everything must not judge the one who does, for God has accepted them. The message was, don’t judge what others are eating!

Please, if you go out to dinner with me, schedule it when you are not on your fast and I don’t want to hear about what diet you are on at length or what you can and can’t eat.  If you are comfortable with what you are eating, lead by example, not by demanding others have to eat that way, for each man has his faith.

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