Prevent Symptoms of Parkinson! Stop shaking?  Stop Tremors? Improve balance?

Parkinson disease can occur at any age but usually, affects people after age 60. Currently, there is no known cure. I am hopeful with the new research in neuro-biofeedback and brain retraining; we are right now learning how to change the way the brain works, how neurons fire and change hormones. I am confident it will be possible shortly.
Parkinson’s Disease is a condition of the nervous system that affects movement and progresses over time. The symptoms are tremors usually starting in one hand, slowed movement overall and rigidity, these symptoms caused by a decrease in dopamine production in the brain. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that sends messages to parts of the brain that controls movement. Becuase of this dopamine production needs to be increased either through supplementation or increased activity.

Signs and Symptoms

Often may start on one side of the body and can start slowly without being noticed for a year.
1.    Tremor- mild shaking
2.    Loss of balance
3.    Challenges walking
4.    Slow blinking
5.    Stiffness and rigid arms and legs
6.    Slow movement

Secondary symptoms

1.    Memory loss
2.    Digestion issues
3.    Sleep problems
4.    Poor posture
5.    Dementia
6.    Difficult breathing and swallowing
Steps to do now to prevent a fast progression?

Treatment Options -Movement is the secret.

Exercise has been shown to slow the symptoms and help maintain balance and mobility. Walking, lifting weights, Pilates, Gyrotonics -Sher Borrell  –760-799-7846.along  with taking Vitamin D are imperative to improve and reduce symptoms.


 SFT Simone Fortier Technique includes brain balance exercises, neural manipulation, fascia stretching and lymphatic therapy
1.     SFT Neural Manipulation -addresses and treats the restrictions of the dura and neural components not commonly discussed with musculoskeletal symptoms.
2.    SFT neural manipulation helps to resolve dysfunctional patterns.
3.     A healthy nerve fires freely within the surrounding structure. Compressing and restricting a nerve leads to dysfunction. SFT facilitates nerve conductively and intraneural blood supply.
4.    Fascia release is essential to allow proper communication between the brain and the nervous system.
5.    Fascia release can help increase dopamine secretion.
6.    Lymphatic therapy relaxes the entire system, which allows for the increase production of dopamine.

 Nutrition Matters

Nutrition is essential and should always be supervised by a medical professional.  Research suggests ingesting protein in smaller amounts. Currently, the science behind supplements use has not been extensive, most studies based on small sample size or clinical observations.
Co Q10 in high amounts helps cells get energy from oxygen – it is often used for brain support and may slow the progression of Parkinson’s in the early stages.  It can also promote blood clotting; it can interact with other medications.
Creatine – Has been used by body builders to improve performance while training. It the early stages or Parkinson there it may help slow the progression.
Vitamin B6 and B3 both support brain function. The active form of B3 NADH helps raise the levels of dopamine in the brain. B6 has been used to help the brain in head injury, concussion and has been used to treat Parkinson’s. Vitamin B6 is essential for the metabolism of protein and proper immune and nervous system function.  Can interact with some medications.
Antioxidants in one study high doses of both, Vitamin C and Vitamin E helped delay the need for medication.  Vitamin E can increase the risk of bleeding so always ask your doctor. Ginkgo biloba – an antioxidant that improves blood flow to the brain, helping memory and Parkinson’s people.
Phosphatidylserine (PS) People with Parkinson often have low levels of PS.  PS is a substance made by the body that is essential to brain function, cognitive function, and memory.
Vitamin D. People with Parkinson’s often have low levels of Vitamin D. So far the research is showing that is a supplement to be taken for many reasons, brain function, gut function, and prevention of cancers.
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