I can say through my own personal experience and 20 years of clinical observation of sports injuries, surgeries, postural changes and stress that restricted fascia causes pain and affects functioning of all organs and systems in the body. Unless the fascia is released, the muscles, veins and lymph cannot regain normal or optimal functioning. The person experiencing this feels heaviness in their body, inflammation of joints, lack of energy, constant swelling, and chronic joint and muscle stiffness to name a few.

Today I saw a person who was trying everything, acupuncture, massage, chiropractor and the bills were adding up with minimal results or the results only lasted a couple hours.

man with hand on shoulder with words of joint ailments

Several health care professionals told her that she had a clot, a cyst, a tear, all were not true, the scans said so. Months with pain she decided to get the Stretching Fascia Therapy work. Address the Fascia and the other treatments will last.
There are numerous doubters out there about the functions of Fascia. I listened to one ranter stating that Fascia work is only stretching the skin. The skin is a separate structure from fascia and when doing authentic Stretching Fascia Therapy I demonstrate that the skin is not being stretched at all, it may feel like the skin is being ripped apart but that feeling is actually coming from the elongation of the fascia. When possible I have people look at the Fascial manipulation and there is a disconnect between what they are seeing and what they are feeling. What they see is no stretch in the skin and the brain can’t figure out where the pain is coming from. Fascia changes to the constant demands placed on it but the fibers are continually being changed, broken and reformed to meet the needs of the body. The research on Fascia is catching up to the practical work. When a body changes after Stretching Fascia Therapy and function is restored and no pain is the result

Restrictions in Fascia is the primary cause of physical pain!


Fascia historically has generally been over looked and dismissed by the established medical community. That has changed since the first International Fascia Research Congress took place at Harvard in 2007, fascia has become fashionable. Fascia a trendy topic with strength coaches, therapists, doctors, on social media and in the news. People are saying they are doing Fascia therapy without awareness that working with the Fascia needs to be specific and directed. Every time you touch the body you are working with the Fascia but that does not mean you are changing the Fascia for lasting results.


fascia research congress
When I attended the Fascia Research Congress in Amsterdam 2009 I met and interacted with the leading researchers from around the globe. We shared our experiences and results in round table discussions at lunch or dinner.

At the conferences, leading experts included Serge Gracovetsky PhD, Anotonio Stecco MD, Leon Chaitow ND, DO, Jerrilynn Camron LMT,DC, PhD, Thomas Findlay MD, PhD, Thomas Hausner MD, Lisa Hodge PhD, Eric Jacobson PhD, Rober Schleip PhD, M.A. Carla Stecco MD, were gathered together to promote Fascia’s standing in science and medicine.

Many scientists, doctors and practitioners, including myself who were attendees as well as presenters, shared experiential knowledge. Research papers were presented which promotes the importance of Fascia. In my opinion Fascia will be one of the most important bodily structures studied within the next 5 years. Without Fascia the body would not have shape, form or structure. When Fascia is restricted it can cause pain that may not follow traditionally accepted ideas of pain or pain patterns.

I have always had a natural affinity to working with Fascia. An intuitive gift of listening to the body and palpating restrictions in fascia that when released create often immediate and permanent change in the body.

Understanding and awareness for this important system needs to be shared with everybody. Doctors, health practitioners and front line health professionals need to understand as does every person with a body. Flexibility of fascia is crucial to health, motion and wellbeing of every cell and organ.

Why has Fascia been overlooked? Historically it was always cut away or removed from the cadaver with the skin and is portrayed this way in anatomy books. Superficial Fascia before 2007 was not illustrated in any anatomy text books. These books displayed only the mighty muscle, proud nerves and the sturdy bone.

The quiet Fascia, with such an important role in function of every movement, of every bone and muscle, was always silently cut out and thrown away. In the past my therapy has met with so much resistance because fascia did not exist in most medical expert’s vocabulary, only plantar fasciitis was an accepted term.

How can I be a specialist in something no one had heard about? The MDs and the PHd’s I have met are brilliant people, but were dumbfounded and condescending when I talked about the Fascia. People sought out treatments only after they had unsuccessfully tried every other traditional path.

Like Fascia, I sat quietly and waited until the muscle and the bone approach to manual therapy had failed to achieve lasting results. Of course this dismissal was frustrating and still is, but it did not weaken my passion or determination and my true belief and faith in the work. I stayed the course for 15 years and now Fascia is starting to have its day in the Sun… and the Sun is shining brightly.

Now! I have created the Stretching Fascia Therapy program for health practitioners, strength coaches, yoga therapists and programs for self care for everyone including seniors and children.
Stretching Fascia first allows for the lymph to move, the nerves to calm down and the muscle to relax and contract. Therapies that primarily address Fascia and not just the symptom or painful area helps resolve pain.

Conquer your pain.

1. Stretch your Fascia – Learn How!
2. Hydrate – Water is the secret sauce!
3. Nutrition – Eat real food!
4. Move constantly throughout the day!
Discover Stretching Fascia Therapy!

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