Today I had the opportunity to work with a lady who is 79. She started doing yoga when she was in her 20’s. Problem is she is hypermobile and her joints wore out. She has had two hip replacements and one of them I know the doctor put in a hip that is meant for a man. You can hear her hip click form 100 feet away. Sounds painful but it isn’t. What it has done is create instability in her hip, which will lead her to fall and have additional injuries. I have recommended prolotherapy, or PRP and seeing another doctor to correct the mistake.  She went to her GP who does not truly understand the mechanisms for prolotherapy and said it was for arthritis and it won’t help her.

The 79-year knows I have a sixth sense and said I would still like the referral so I can talk directly to the doctor Simone recommended and find out from him.  I was impressed she is one in a thousand who takes charge of her health. Not relying on a GP who may or may not know about the treatment.  Go to the source or the expert, I always say, and hear what they have to say about your treatment.  Stop listening to those who don’t specialize in sports, physiology, and fascia.  The one thing I know is the body and my goal is to get the best results for you to have a pain free life. I don’t benefit from referring to these doctors or specialists, in fact a lot of them want you to see their specialists instead of me. That does not stop me from getting you the help and support you need to have a pain free life.

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