Research is Not Enough. Treatments to Heal Concussion

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Research is Not Enough. Treatments to Heal Concussion

What is the next step after being diagnosed or assessed with a concussion?


Sweltering Room

The room was hot and stuffy; no water was provided and not one break during the entire evening, 4 hours long. Do these researchers even understand what is going on in the head and body of someone with a concussion or are they just interested in being published? It was a packed house people jammed shoulder to shoulder, in to learn more about concussion.

What I saw was 500 people with a range of head injury attending this seminar, not to learn more about what research is being down and how magnificent the researchers are or how a professional athlete gets the best treatment in Canada. They wanted to know what to do to heal their brain.

Tell me what to do!

What the TBI individuals wanted was to know where to go for treatment and therapy. Some had waited over a year to see a doctor, as they were misdiagnosed or told go home rest, don’t look at your phone or computer. Wear sunglasses and take medication. Rest may be a solution for some but for the ones that the symptoms linger; there needs to be a pathway, a strategy for success, not mediocrity at best or straight out dismissal.

I listened to the attendees speak their complaints some had a concussion for over ten years without treatment. What I discovered but also hundreds of others unless you ask your doctor to refer you to the proper therapy you don’t get to see the people who can support you and help you heal your brain. A person with a concussion is not their own best advocate; their brains are compromised, overwhelmed and fatigued, I ask should it be up to the person with a head injury to organize their treatment protocol? That is what is happening.

The researchers, medical doctors, created a panel to compliment themselves on how far they have come in research and how they were so busy, that they could not see patients.

If you have a concussion, you don’t care about the statistics, all you want is your brain and life back.


If this is you and you want answers, this workshop is for you. August 11, 2018- 9:30 am to 11:30 am Mount Royal University.

Please call for more information 403-422-0881 or email Dr. Corey Deacon will explain what happens in your brain after a head injury and what treatments he provides or refers to. I will be sharing what therapies work and why they don’t work. How to get your brain back by doing self-care movements and exercises. Switch your mind back on.

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