Afraid to take the first step when getting out of bed or sitting at your desk? Unable to golf, bike or walk? Tried treatment after treatment, medication, ball rolling, stretching… but the pain has not gone away?

Plantar Fasciitis can be resolved if we understand the cause of the pain. Who knew the fascia and long plantar fascia ligament would be the culprit of such stabbing heel and arch pain? The causes are many: improper shoes such as high heel shoes, shoes with no support, pronation (foot rolling in), overweight, hypermobility (laxity) of the ankle joint, or just overuse.

Heel pain in women on white. Pain concept
After working out only once with old runners, I experienced excruciating pain in my heel and inflammation in my big toe. Improper biomechanics, poorly fitting shoes – even after one use caused me to bruise the bone–resulting in pain that persisted for several weeks.  Just think, had I continued to use those runners, how my symptoms would have worsened. According to Family Physician Journal in 2011 plantar fasciitis affects over one million people a year. Two-Thirds of these people will seek help from their family physician. The expected length of therapy or being in pain is over six months. The usual treatment approaches are ice, rest, ligament stretching, and orthotics. Some people suffer for years while many others have only partial relief of pain and are afraid to return to activity.

SFT (Stretching Fascia Therapy) has a proven track record of resolving plantar fasciitis within only a few treatments.

Simone’s 5 Easy Steps for Preventing Plantar Fasciitis

1. Always wear proper shoes for sports activities.
2. Limit wearing high heel shoes for special occasions.
3. Replace runners or tennis shoes every three months for daily use or every six months if you use them two or three times a week.
4. Daily ball rolling on foot.
5. Stretch your feet daily – both the tops and bottom to maintain flexibility.

Stretching Fascia Therapy addresses the cause of the persistent pain, once the external force that is affecting the fascia has been removed. I look at the entire fascial system, lymph, and nerves.

Click on the video above to learn how to STOP foot pain before you even get out of bed.