What if I told you that the secret to longevity and pain-free life is in your fascia?

The first breath you take when you enter this world determines the fate of your health. Whether it’s a deep full breath or not, it affects the development of the lungs, muscles, and fascia. The ability to move your rib cage determines the quality of circulation and lymphatic flow throughout your body.

The more movement or flow inside the body, the less pain a person experiences. What allows for this space inside the body is the fascia. The fascia protects the cells, the muscles, the nerves, and the brain. The lymph houses the immune system and flushes away mutated cells and cellular debris. The faster the lymph flows, the healthier a body will be.


Have you noticed when you are stressed or concentrating, the jaw clenches, you grind your teeth at night, and your breath is shallow? Holding the breath makes the fascia sticky and slows the lymph down, affecting vitality and clarity of thought.

Our thoughts also affect how we age, along with every injury, every fall, and every trauma. It distorts our personalities and our bodies. The body begins to compensate for change and adapt until it doesn’t. History does predict the future. Do we have a strong foundation or a weak one?

This week I had the opportunity to work with a UFC fighter in Dublin. His latest injury was a head slam to the mat, an illegal move, but it does happen. After doing a fascial analysis and concussion testing, I found he had minimal balance and brain trauma. I asked him if he was winded a lot as a child, he replied he played football (soccer in the Western world), and he shared that he was constantly hit in the stomach and winded as a child. These childhood injuries affect his balance and his recovery today. I did three of the Fascia Training Institute’s concussion treatment techniques on him, as well as releasing his diaphragm and fascia over his sternum, which released his back pain and improved his balance. His face immediately regained a look of relaxation, relief, and anti-aging. He will make a full recovery before his next fight.

How can you prevent injury?

All things matter. Every injury or long-term stress can affect our breath and the fascia, which leads to further deficiencies and can lead to dysfunction and disease and then total collapse. Prevention is the key to a pain-free body and longevity.

What can you do?

Unwinding the fascia increases lymphatic flow, promotes circulation, and takes out lines of tension in the body.

Self-Care Solutions

  • Breathe – the body can survive only minutes without breath. Breathing in through the nose stimulates the nerves in the brain
  • Expanding the rib cage to the front of your breast bone
  • Expanding the air to the vertebrae in your back along with expanding to the sides
  • Each breath needs to move the entire rib cage
  • Movement – this is essential. Fascia loves to set down fibers, forming to what we do the most. If we are looking at a Smart Phone, we lose the curvature in our necks, decreasing blood flow to our brains, creating acid reflux or trouble swallowing. When sitting all day, our body compresses on itself, which affects digestion. Movement breaks these fibers down and allows for circulation to the body and brain.
    • At your desk reach your hands up over your head and take a deep breath
    • Bring the smartphone up so you don’t have to look down
    • Your eyes should be in the middle of your screen – move your desk or computer so this is possible
  • Hydration – we can survive only three days without water. Every thought and movement requires water. We either ingest water or it comes from our skin and our organs, which ages us quickly.
    • Sipping water is best – set a timer
    • 64 ounces or 2 to 4 liters a day is optimal
    • Take electrolytes for the best absorption of water

If the deficiency is discovered the body can recover.

When our bodies are in need of a nudge, the solution is to directly move the fascia and lymphatics.  This can be done by professionals trained by the Fascia Training Institute. Releasing fascia is a great tool for pain management, prevention, and elimination of pain.

It takes work to maintain success in business, the body is no different.

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