How to Optimize Your Brain for Performance and Beat Brain Burps


The need to improve performance, improve memory and brain functioning, is universal everywhere: the need to be faster, to meet deadlines, to improve grades in school, and to improve athletic performance–always striving to meet or beat that goal.



Health Ditectives

Every health-conscious individual asks similar questions. How do I slow down aging? How do I prevent dementia? Does stress affect the brain? Do adrenals affect performance?

Optimizing brain performance is crucial—and, of course, knowledge of how to fulfill your brain’s productive potential is fundamental to optimum performance. Brain fog, brain overwhelm, brain fatigue, and–most of all–the Brain Burp, are all some of the great destroyers of productivity and well-being. Brain Burp? You ask. Huh? A Brain Burp is… forgetting something you truly know;  such as remembering a friend’s name; confusing left with the right; finding yourself physically off-balance; an inability to focus; loss of strength and general fatigue; or just feeling “I cannot do one more thing.”

Your life is affected by head injury, memory loss and concussion

Lifestyle is not the only thing that is affected by Brain Burp. I learned how to optimize the brain after I suffered six concussions and simultaneous work overload. I realized only, after 18 sessions of neurobiofeedback how much the concussion and a constant constellation of foggy brain,  physical weakness, and frustration affected my performance and my relationships. Sometimes, what I said out loud was not what I was thinking. I often said the opposite of what I meant–so frustrating!–And I lost the critical ability to say no.

Big bold red arrows piercing into a human brain with text Stress on it. Conceptual vector illustration for mental stress and mental health.

I had no boundaries and had lost the ability to make solid decisions that were in my best interest. Many people took advantage of me, although these people (most of them) had no idea they were taking advantage of me because you really can’t see brain injury or the side effects of a concussion. Unless someone slurs their words or has a visible physical impairment, it ‘s hard to tell that a person is not using their brain optimally.


So, in my case, when others made requests of me, I agreed to take on tasks, take on projects; I didn’t say “no.” My saying “yes” benefitted others, helped others in their businesses or meant taking on a good fight against injustice… even though saying “yes” might even involve the latest programs that would help my business… well, all the while my adrenals collapsed, and my projects kicked to the curb.

I noticed the changes in my brain retrospectively. I became aware of the changes in hindsight, as I began to take better care of my mind, and this insight helped me to educate my clients, kids, and athletes to support their brains. Such support is especially important after a concussion, which occurs in most sports–soccer, basketball, football, hockey, and lacrosse, to name a few. Even falling out of a tree or falling off a fence at an early age affects your brain.

Youth Girl Soccer Game. Action shot of actual game in progress. Girls League. April 2010, Frank Lisk Park, Harrisburg, N.C. Player working the ball down field to attempt a goal. ** Note: Slight blurriness, best at smaller sizes

One of the most significant of brain injuries caused at birth by the use of forceps. A change in the shape of your cranium can influence hormones, behaviors, and performance, and it has been my observation that cranial shape change may also cause depression and personality disorders.


Addressing brain injury, supporting the brain with nutrition and neuro-biofeedback, as well as physically changing the brain with cranial-sacral work and Bruno Chikly’s brain therapy, all increased my ability to form positive boundaries, to say no, and to go back to the gym and train again. Most importantly, this combination of approaches stopped Brain Burps.

Beating Brain Burps

Beating Brain Burps program, increased my physical strength; it improves performance in all the athletes, kids, and seniors. People can make the fastest gains when the whole body is synchronized and working in harmony. The fascia, which parallels the brains function, melts and becomes supple when brain stress and mental chaos decreased.

I always make it a priority to teach my athletes and all my client’s various ways to take care of their brains–the neurons and the synapses–and to improve the brain’s output. This lead to creating a brain balancing DVD MP4, exercise series.

There are many strategies to help sharpen brain performance. The most important and essential strategy is to determine if there is an underlying physical cause for the stress on the brain. Get your brain mapped by Corey Deacon. Once you know how your brain is working, you can find the solution, meaning what form of therapy would benefit you: cranial-sacral therapy, neuro-biofeedback, and lymphatic drainage, EMDR, and SFT. I always say: get the hard data, get the image, get the scan, and we can go from there.

Support the Brain to Increase Brain Power and Beat Brain Burps


Beat the Brain Burps Home Remedies


Sleep is a time when the body heals. The body releases growth hormones to repair and restore cells and tissue. According to neurobiologist Corey Deacon, sleep lowers IL-8, IL-10, and TNF-alpha, all cytokines that activate inflammatory branches of the immune system. It is important to down-regulate this activity to have healthy brain function.

It is important to dream to help the brain heal, resolve conflicts, and reduce stress at the unconscious level


Sleep disturbance?

Did you ever wake up with answers to questions, or with solutions to problems that you had been dwelling on before going to sleep? I have practiced since I was a child: asking a specific question before I go to bed–and the dreams that result have been quite accurate in answering my queries. For example, I was once offered a teaching job, at the time I was conflicted about accepting, as it would have been a great opportunity, but my gut said, no, don’t do it. I had asked for an answer before I went to sleep because the institution wanted a response the very next day. That night, I dreamt that the wife of the owner stabbed me in the back with a knife. The idea was clear: I got my answer.

The quality of your sleep is important. Racing thoughts or interrupted sleep can affect performance and can also increase fatigue. This fatigue can cause a false appetite; the body may intake unnecessary calories to help increase energy throughout the day. This false hunger is a sign that all you need is a nap.

Lowering Inflammation


Various culprits, such as food, food additives, sugar, flour, stress, injury, toxins, pollution, plastics, allergies, alcohol, viruses, parasites, and bacteria, all cause inflammation. The brain is very sensitive to inflammation.

 Inflammation can cause cancers, increase the rate of aging, and make the brain more permeable, vulnerable to attack from pathogens that may cause dementia, Alzheimer’s, and loss of motor skills and other functions controlled by the brain.

Protecting the Brain

If the blood brain barrier becomes leaky, proteins ‘leak’ into the cerebrospinal fluid and causes disruptions in neurotransmission that can lead to attention issues, mood issues, sleep issues, memory and concentration problems, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and much more. The leaky barriers occur mainly to the elevation in glutamate and an activation of microglia (the brain’s immune system) causing inflammation. This process is similar to a head injury without the hit to the head.

To discover if  Blood-brain barrier permeability is evaluated perform a test from Cyrex Labs.  This gut permeability caused by a chronic intake of hypoallergenic foods, undiagnosed gluten/casein sensitivity, undiagnosed, chronic bacterial or fungal infections in the gut.



Food is fuel for the body. Would you put alcohol into your gas tank and expect great performance and gas mileage? The quality of the food or fuel intake is important to how the body utilizes that food for energy.

The brain operates optimally on real food, fish oils, and minimal sugar and flour. Processed sugar destroys the brain and robs us of clarity of thought. Sugar is so addictive that it changes the functioning of the brain and the biochemistry of the body. What you eat can affect you immediately.

Does your nose run as you are eating? Allergy symptoms might be due to a sensitivity to what you are eating. Do you become sleepy right after eating? Again, this is related to food intake: the body is trying to digest, and it needs additional energy to do that. Do you have pain after eating? Do you wake up in the morning swollen, or do your fingers feel stiff? These may be indications that the food you are ingesting is causing inflammation in your body and brain.

Solutions and Support

  1. Water – 2 liters a day sipping all day long
  2. Sleep – at least 8 hours a night
  3. Supplements – adrenal support and fish oils, vitamin b and magnesium.
  4. Brain Exercises – DVD’s released soon