Neurosomatic Workshop

Neurosomatic Workshop

Training the Trainer

Taking classes and courses helps elevate a person’s life and their skills as a practitioner. I look forward to taking the advanced courses in Posturology with Neurosomatics in Florida August 27th to August 31st, and incorporating the techniques into my practice.


The Neuro track of the NSE program discusses the subtler relationships within the body that have an effect on the neurological system. Imbalance of the muscle and skeletal structures in the head and neck can cause a variety of issues such as chronic sinus problems, headaches, and hormonal imbalances. Neuro-Therapy often helps therapists address issues with their patients that traditional therapy has not.

Reasons to drink your water, it helps the brain, increases your energy and reduces headaches.




Neuro Level Courses

Integrative Visceral Balancing- N1

In the first course on the path of the Certified Neuro-Therapist Track, you will be introduced to the effect of the visceral system, the many organs involved, and how they can create postural distortions. A systematic approach to palpation and massage of the organs will be reviewed, all the while, considering their potential effect on the musculoskeletal system through the righting reflexes. Through years of investigation, Paul St. John has developed an understanding of the viscera, how they are affected by trauma, illness, hormonal insufficiency, and poor biomechanics. You will learn how postural distortion can cause dysfunction of the viscera (“function follows form”), and how the disease of an organ can cause postural distortion (“form follows function”). You will learn how trigger points in the bladder can mimic symptoms of sciatica, how the kidney can cause lumbago, how the lung can cause symptoms of shoulder bursitis, and how even the liver may be the source of symptoms of TMJ Dysfunction.

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