Have you ever questioned if you are on the right path? Have you ever felt that every obstacle that could be thrown in front of you has? You might say to yourself, “can I withstand one more thing?”

Feel a thick wall of resistance around every corner on the
verge of giving up?

That pretty much sums up 2020 for many.

What Defines Us?

I have been described as a pioneer, a radical, the most popular, a healer, and an
enigma (something hard to understand or mysterious). What these titles or
assessments allow me is space to be me.

I have always had faith. Faith that I can hear the voice of the universal energy leading
me in the direction I needed to go. What I did not understand at an early age is that I
can also direct this energy towards my goals, both personal and financial. I always used
this universal energy to help support other people.

The universal energy, which I call God, does not know the difference between 1 cent
and 100 million dollars.

This energy truly wants us to be happy.

So Why Do We Play Small?

One reason perhaps is that we don’t know what we don’t know. Or we might not feel like
we deserve to be happy or successful.

This year for many has been a transitional year, a year that challenges what you know
or what you thought you knew. The experts have failed you, the information released
has been misinformation at best, an example of intellect vs knowing. Intellect is finite
and knowledge is infinite.

Let me share what I do know, that remains to be true no matter what is happening
around us.

It takes massive amounts of mental and spiritual strength to stay on course.

No action is possible without great thought. You have to be great internally, every
thought you have matters. It changes your health, your goals, and your relationships.
What people are doing now is reading without thinking and learning without knowing.

Did you know that thinking is the hardest thing to do? We often escape thinking by
engaging in activities that are a distraction such as novels and social media. “Escape
from thinking” is the motto for the 21 st century, but in particular, 2020. Run away from
the truth. Run away from success.

Read less, think more. Read about great things which lead to great questions and great

I have found the second most difficult thing to do is to have faith. Faith in yourself, faith
in what you know to be true, faith in facts that you have to do your own research to find.
Let’s look at faith in knowledge versus intellect.

A sense of knowing comes from the universal connections with the unlimited energy of
the universe, for me I call him God.

Connecting to the source to know the truth means not just when it is popular or
convenient to do so.

Just because people shout in your face or call you names does not make it true.

Staying on Course

I was scheduled to teach during COVID-19 across the border. There were so many
conflicting stories about what you can and can’t do. I always go to the source, the
person or business who makes decisions. I could have talked myself out of going, I had
many times questioned if the course was going to happen when I bought into the fear of
others and the dogma of “for your safety”.

What I heard from those around me was, “you can’t get over the border”, shouting at the
top of their lungs. I even went to a seer who said it would be a disaster and dangerous
to go.

I sat in silence to quiet my mind from all the anxiety, which was not my anxiety, but the
energy of the world was so big it was affecting everyone – including animals. What I
heard when I stepped in the calm inside my mind was, “get on the plane and go as far
as you can, despite fear imposed by others”. I had no fear. I knew deep down I would
be in Chicago teaching. I saw myself there and the course being a success.

When I went inside, I had a sense of peace and power that going to Chicago was the
right thing to do. This sense solidified the decision for me. Months before I could not see
it in my mind, the universe was changing outcomes until the moment I decided I was
going, only then did the picture in my mind became clear.

The goal was set no matter what. I was going to make it happen, despite the world
saying it was impossible.

I had a knowing I would teach my class despite all the obstacles that were in front of

The source of knowledge comes from the universal source that sees all.

I have overcome odds before, but the fear frenzy was not against me before. It doesn’t
matter how big or small, God handles them equally.

Stop playing small and step into your power. Don’t use your own intelligence, it can
breed fear. Connect to the infinite course of knowing and it will bring you peace.

What This Means

1. Quiet your mind so you can think
2. Take time to hear
3. Have faith in your abilities
4. Stop listening to others
5. Use social media for less than 15 minutes per day

The biggest lesson is to stay true to yourself and your path, no matter what.

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