How to Keep Your Body Healthy

Prevention is the key to staying healthy at any time. Simple ways to boost your immune system to prevent infection from all sorts of viruses and bacterial infections.

Science of viruses, we are exposed to them daily and it depends on the state of our immune system whether we fight them off or not, often this is done without us even knowing.

Simple overview

According to the British Society for Immunology:

3 Ways Our Body Keeps Us Safe

1. Cytotoxic Cells: Cells employ a system that allows them to show other cells what is in them. These molecules are called class 1 major histocompatibility complex proteins, or MHC class 1. A special immune system called the T cell circulates looking for infections. One type of T cell is called the cytotoxic T cell because it kills infected cells. They also have a backup of natural killer cells and the NK cell, which kills the virally infected cell.

2. Interferons: Infected cells produce and release small proteins called interferons which prevent the replication of the viruses

3. Antibodies: Viruses can also be removed from the body by antibodies before they get the chance to infect a cell

Understanding the immune system can help reduce fear. Fear weakens the immune system. Here are some tips on staying healthy in both body and mind:

Research from the University of Minnesota shows the impact of chronic fear has serious effects.

1. Can cause cardiovascular damage

2. Can cause GI problems such as IBS, can lead to premature aging

3.  Can cause memory impairments and damage the hippocampus

4. Brain processing and reactivity: Interrupts our ability to regulate emotions, read non-verbal cues, carry out information processing, and leads to impulsive reactions such as hoarding, shutting down, and violence

5. Mental health: Long term fear causes fatigue PSTD and clinical depression

What you can do now to stay healthy and prevent your brain and body from taxing your immune system:

1.Wash your hands use a paper towel to dry them
2. Use hand sanitizers
3. Cover your mouth with a tissue or your sleeve when you sneeze or cough
4. Don’t go to work or public places if you are sick or feel under the weather
5. Listen to Solfeggio frequencies to boost immune system
6. listen to the following rife frequencies for 5 minutes each on YouTube or download a Hz frequency app on your smartphone
a. 5950
d. 31735
f. 26485
g 35937
h. 37000
i. 37583

Frequencies can kill unhealthy cells; they are free and a great resource for those who need an immune boost.

Keep your cellular vibration high so viruses and bacteria don’t have a chance.

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