“Stop Talking So I Can Listen”

A phrase that I often use in my practice.

A phrase that I often use in my practice.

Frequencies and electric fields are being studied and have been coined the future of medicine. The electromagnetic field of the fascia and cells have a frequency that is based on the ancient communication systems. Primitive micro-organisms could communicate and respond without a nervous system, and exist in the mammalian extracellular matrix. One of those ancient cells is the mitochondria.

Communication without the nervous system allows for immediate responsiveness, adaptability, and intelligence of independent cells. Imagine the body as a living matrix – always changing and adapting. There is so much activity under the skin, so much work going on. Similar to the ocean, we see the waves at the surface, but the world underneath is in constant motion and evolution.

A recent discovery found that the cells of the connective tissue in the brain have a unique communication system – the glial cells. Ninety percent of all brain cells are glia. Structurally, they create the matrix that suspends the nerve cells in the brain. The glia coordinate function, facilitate communication between brain and body and monitor and modify input and output

Kinetic Chain and Fascia

The kinetic chain, a term derived from the engineering term by Reuleaux, F., 1876 The Kinematics of Machinery, (trans. and annotated by A. B. W. Kennedy), reprinted by Dover, New York (1963) Kinematics is the study of “kinematic chain.” It can be defined as “a combination of several joints linking several limb segments together during a specific movement or posture.” Medical Dictionary for the Health Professions and Nursing. 2012. Farlex 18 May. 2019.

The kinetic chain in the body is an inter-connected tensional network of fascia within the living matrix. Signaling the mechanism involves a particular form of energy conducted through the living matrix through water and flues of the connective tissues. Which is why light therapy and sound therapy being so effective in healing the body.

Not everyone’s brains work alike, and the same can be said about the fascia. Unique inside, in each person the fascia changes and adapts to the environment, biochemistry, hydration, and genetics, what is uniquely you.

How Fascia Communicates to the Brain

Let’s start with how the fascia relates to me. Your personality, pain, and ability to perform are interwoven and imprinted in the fascia. The fascia is the one system that connects and interacts with all physiology.

An increasing amount of scientific research shows that specific cells found in the connective tissues not only communicate directly with the nervous system but can communicate with each other as well — potentially over great distances.

Dr. Eschmann shows how all bodily motion, no matter how small, generates electric fields that are caused by the compression, deformation, and stretching of ligaments, tendons, muscles, bones, and other collagen-based connective tissues.  In nerve-like fashion, these messages spread throughout the surrounding tissues like ripples on a pond, providing information to other areas of the body.

Frequencies and electric fields are being studied, and have been coined the future of medicine.

Look to the fascia for answers:

  1.  For origins of pain patterns that do not follow traditional pathways
  2.  Tight fascia and injured fascia that can contract on muscles directly influences power, endurance, and performance
  3. Personality – the fascia reflects and mirrors what a person thinks and how much tension they have.

Local Treatments Often Do Not Work

Fascia does stretch, as it has elastin fibers. To understand the function of fascia is to understand that fascia stretches only in specific directions. The fabric of fascia is continually being torn apart and restricted together, creating new and improved tissue or thick and restrictive fascia.

Fascia is continuously in motion, fluid, like waves on the ocean. It has form and is powerful, but what is holding them together?  An electromagnetic field, fibers,  or both.

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We are excited to share that The Fascia Institute will be purchasing a frequency machine that can change cells, disease, and pain can be done in person or from a distance.  So far, no machine can directly affect and influence fascia.