Discover the Supplements that Support Brain Health

Did you know that supplements, nutrition, hydration, and exercise are the secret sauce to a healthy brain?

Why exercise can prevent dementia and memory loss?

Increasing circulation to the brain increases nitric oxide. Nitrates are found in beetroot and dark leafy greens like spinach and arugula. When you ingest nitrates it converts to nitric oxide which in turn causes blood vessels to relax and dilate, lowering blood pressure.

Nitric oxide is involved in many cell processes, including the widening of the blood vessels, or vasodilation. Wider blood vessels help increase the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to working muscles and the brain.


What to do to support the aging brain and a brain that has been injured

 6 month Protocol for Concussion, Brain Injury, and Brain Repair

Within 2 hours of having a head injury its best to consider Ultra Potent C 1000 to assist the body in addressing acute and ongoing intracranial brain inflammation.

To support the brain after 24 hours, Ultra potent C 1000 for 10 days. Protein helps heal the injury and support the brain as well.

Recommended Brain Supplement Protocol

Ultra meal advanced protein – up to 2 scoops per day

Creatine power – 1 teaspoon twice daily can be mixed in with Ultra meal advanced protein – gives the brain an intense and immediate hit of energy needed to help cells heal

Phytomulti – 2 tablets daily with food provides phytonutrients, vitamins, and  minerals

Omega Genics EPA-DHA 1000 – 2 softgels dialy with food benefits mood, memory, and cognition

Gluta Clear – 2 tablets twice daily helps boost the body’s production of glutathione and primary antioxidants throughout the entire body

Brain Support  – antioxidant and anti-inflammatory -2 capsules twice daily

D3 5000 – 1- 2 softgels daily has many known benefits but also is considered neuro protective

How can you order medical grade supplements that are usually exclusive to professional athletes? Just click on the image for access.



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