During the concussion conference, it was announced that the NFL funded 11 million dollars to a researcher at the University of Calgary.

What does that mean for you?

What does that mean for treatment?

New information about assessment discovered.

Everyone thinks they have to become unconscious or see stars to get a concussion. This is not the case.

Did you know you can have a concussion without hitting your head? Any jarring of the body, can cause a concussion, acceleration and deceleration can cause swelling in the brain.

Always remember falling is the number one cause of concussion. Falling down stairs, off a bike, or on a slippery icy sidewalk.

Sports vs. Video Games

Should my child do sports? Yes, socialization is important, friendship, how to work as a team. Statistics say there is less than a 20 percent chance of getting a concussion or having long term effects from playing sports. The benefits outweigh the possibility of getting a head injury.

Now, if you do get a hit to the head, you are taken off the field right away and assessed and will only return to play when the athletic therapist gives the go ahead.

Playing video games can lead to poor posture, neck pain, fatigue, and isolation similar to those who have a concussion.

Evidence supports concussed people tend to isolate themselves and they are not the best judge to say if they are okay or not.

What Do You Think a Traumatic Brain Injury Is?

A minor concussion means there is no brain bleed. For the person diagnosed with a minor concussion, they may feel like it is a major life changer. Even though their brain is not bleeding, it still has changed.

A dazed or glazed look, or not feeling present are symptoms of a concussion. You can see it through the eyes. The eyes tell all. Testing the eye movements is an important part of healing a concussion, understanding what the brain is doing to compensate for the head injury.

Your head injury does not have to be recent, it could have occurred as a child. Hitting your head or falling and hitting your head as a child could possibly change your personality. You could become more aggressive, hyperactive, and easily frustrated. This could lead to success, but could also affect relationships.

An ex-football player and hockey player shared he had head injuries as a child.

Who would he have been if he did not have a head injury at 7? The rewiring of the brain puts you into fight or flight, changing how you react to people.


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