Brain GUT Connection

Concussions not only caused brain distress it can disrupt the entire body.

4 Symptoms that people need to be aware of!

    1. Bloating:
      Bloating after every meal. It felt like I wasn’t digesting. Now, the research shows that with concussions, on average, from 1-8 years after enough hits to the head, it becomes critical, digestion becomes distressed.
    2. Constipation! Trouble going to the bathroom
    3. Diarrhea! Urgency, I cant find a bathroom fast enough
    4. Gut Pain and Cramping!



Since my concussion, I have had digestive distress.



Digestive issues begin because of disruption in the HPA axis nerve fibers that form the gut-brain connection. Any blow to the head, there can end up being shearing of white matter that is essential for neural communication. Sometimes they’re micro-shears; they don’t even get picked up on an MRI. It is enough to activate the sympathetic nervous system, which is the fight-or-flight system. When that gets activated, digestion shuts off. This can occur over years which ends up depleted the body and the immune system

Adrenals are always working – Exhausts your body- can lead to shutting down

Your HPA axis sets into a sympathetic state due to neuroinflammation. You see when a concussion occurs an efflux of potassium induces a rapid release of glutamate. This leads to an inflammatory condition called glutamate-induced excitotoxicity. This, in turn, activates microglia –the brain’s immune system is now in an active inflammatory state.

Inflammation has been found to be the cause of so many diseases, cancers, kidney failure, brain fog and digestive pain.

Who knew that concussion could cause digestive distress? Find out the science behind the pain in an exclusive interview -Secrets of the Brain Revealed – with Dr. Corey Deacon. The science behind the brain and how to change pain. Click the image below.



Six approaches that help balance the fight or flight response and restore health.

  1. Mindful meditation and support -
  2. Vitamin B - – natural energy drinks with high vitamin b -easy to absorb
  3. Fish oils naturally help reduce inflammation:
  4. SFT cranial sacral therapy  -
  5. EMDR –
  6. Neurobiofeedback

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