When everyone is at the top of their game, what gives them the edge to be first, the leader or winner?

For your longevity and pain-free life, the first step is to look inward, inside the body. 

Where can you have an edge to beat the hands of time? Gaining an advantage that is so easy and so simple is available to everyone! 

Similar to insider trading (except legal), you need to know the ancient secrets to get your body to the next level, to age with grace a little pain.

The previous leaders in business often dismissed the value of self-care, nutrition, and exercise, sacrificing fun, family, and fitness for their work and their passion.

Today it’s the 21-century and balance is key. Having a family, fun, and fitness is what we strive for. But what’s happening is overtraining, more disease and illness, as well as obesity the awareness of balances has not helped people achieve it. We are further from ourselves than ever before. Still looking for the Holy Grail, the fountain of youth still exists. 

Dedication is Key


To find the solution take a deep look inside

What we will find there is the fascia, the lymph, and the essence of life the breath.

The secret to longevity is found within ourselves.

  1. The breath – from our first breath, our bodies start to change and develop. We can only live a few minutes without air. Short and shallow breathing affects or health, range of motion, and pain.  It is vital for optimal health to take deep breaths that move the ribcage in all directions. Deep breathing is essential to getting the right amount of oxygen to our brain and our blood. 
  2. The fascia – the fascia is what gives us form and determines the shape of our bodies and how stiff we feel every day. The fascia also parallels our thoughts. What we are thinking determines how sticky or mobile our fascia is. Fascia affects how we heal, age, and how much pain we have.  The fascia loves hydration, water, and movement.
  3. The lymph –  protects our bodies from disease and cancer, but our lifestyle of sitting 8 to 12 hours a day weakens our immune system and leaves us vulnerable to illness. The lymph only moves through breath and movement. 

Taking your body and brain to the next level takes daily self-care

  1. Get moving with ease, not force. Stop overtraining to stay lean. Use your breath.
  2. Breath – setting reminders to breathe throughout the day.
  3. Water – the key to a pain-free body. 64 ounces a day is optimal. If you do not drink enough water, your body takes it from your skin and organs, which can lead to wrinkles and premature aging.

When the body has become like glue, so stiff and painful that it has passed the point of doing self-care work, direct fascia release work is the answer. Fascia therapy reminds the body, gives it a nudge to open up the restricted fascia fabric that is stronger than steel. When tight, it can feel like a vice around your muscles and organs, making your body fatigued, painful, and heavy.  T

The fascia needs to be pliable to allow the lymph the circulatory system to move and the muscles contract. Fascia therapy techniques, brain treatment, and exercise helps restore the brain, increasing circulation and lymphatic flow in the cranium to ward off dementia and premature aging.

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