Simone was invited to present with other healthcare professionals at Navigating Trauma conference.

Simone Fortier BA BSC, Fascia Therapist, Manual Therapist, Medical Intuitor, Author -Fascia Training Institute

Topic: How Trauma Reshapes Fascia and the Brain

Simone will discuss how trauma both physical and emotional can change the shape of your body, in turn, affecting performance, balance, and how we view the world. Fascia, neurosomatic and posturology tell its own story. Trauma, every fall, every injury is stored in the fascial tissues.


Sat, 3 November 2018

9:00 AM – 6:00 PM MDT

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The Village Event Centre

4039 Brentwood Road Northwest

Calgary, AB T2L 1L1

Navigating the Complex Trauma Terrain: Diagnosing and Managing Physical & Emotional Trauma

Trauma comes in many forms and can be difficult to identify symptomatically. Physical trauma can manifest from concussions, sub-concussive blows, neck injuries, other physical injuries, and can trigger unexplained chronic pain, anxiety, depression, digestive issues, fatigue and more. Emotional, mental, & psychological trauma can develop from infinitely complex experiences and intrinsic unconscious memories can rule our decision-making, cognition, and emotional well-being. Even a lesser-known form called environmental trauma is a recent advancement being analyzed in the literature.

In this practitioner-level event, Navigating the Complex Trauma Terrain will show you the tools required to make a proper diagnosis and how to develop a team approach to complex and chronic trauma cases. Our experts will show you research, clinical data, protocols, and results from successful real-life trauma cases. Although it is not essential to be a practitioner it is recommended that one has the foundational understanding of physical & emotional trauma.

Our speaker line up for the day includes:

Corey Deacon MSc, DNM, CFMP, BCN, FAARFM (cand)

Topic: Your Brain on Trauma: Downstream Effects of Physical & Emotional Trauma

In his lecture, Corey Deacon will outline the downstream effects that different traumas have on different body systems. This includes effects of trauma on immunology, gastroenterology, neurology, psychology, and endocrinology. Special focus will be given to neurophysiology, neuroimaging, and functional biomarkers to determine downstream issues triggered by trauma and how to diagnose and reverse these issues.

Liz Deacon MSc, RYT

Topic: Neurofeedback for Emotional Trauma

In her talk, Liz will detail research and unique modalities of neuromodulation including neurofeedback and their essential contributions to regulation in those with trauma. Learn about the brain’s ability to self-regulate, how maladaptive patterns caused by trauma disrupts this regulation and how neurofeedback can normalize this.

Nelson Gourlay, P. Eng. (Environmental Systems Engineering). Family, Human, and Natural Systems Constellation  Facilitator

Topic: Environmental Trauma: Re-engineering Systemic Connections

In his experiential educational session, Nelson Gourlay will take you into the exploration of the systemic effects of environmental trauma. From the world of microbes to the latest high tech gadgets, environmental-related trauma can challenge one to the point of homelessness and beyond. The connections between the hidden dimensions of environmental engineering and unconscious dynamics of human systems will be experienced in this interactive learning session. Quantum theory is brought to life and becomes a tool for transformation on the path of environmental wellness for you and your clients.

Dr. Curtis Westersund, DDS

Topic: Acute vs. Chronic TMJ Injuries

The term “TMJ” is bantered about in both medical and dental professions as a reference to some mystical jaw joint problem that can seemly appear and disappear without rhyme or reason. As well there are multiple definitions of “TMJ” in all of the Health Care Professions. Some believe it is limited to the 2 inches around the jaw joint. Some believe that it has a much more insidious pathology that has far-ranging signs and symptoms.
This causes problems in both assessing the effects, diagnosis, and potential treatments of “TMJ”.
This lecture will discuss the cause and effects of “TMJ” in both a chronic and acute presentation with a direction of collaborative care that is important in treating the injured patient. Finding a solution that is based on physiology and not a myth is key to the success of “TMJ” treatment.
You will learn:
1. The bigger definition of “TMJ” and its cause and global effect on the physiology of your patient
2. Diagnosing “TMJ” effectively in your office
3. Separating Chronic conditions vs. Acute symptoms
4. Effective treatment protocols to restoring functionality and balance to your patient’s stomatognathic systems

Rea Kowal, R. Psych

Topic: The Treatment of Trauma – A Developmental Approach

Rea will be providing a brief overview of the neurobiology of normal development and the impact of trauma on the nervous system. She will link the effects of developmental trauma to functional impairment (including dissociation) and discuss further treatment modalities and strategies.

Dr. Trevor Hillard, DC

Topic: Trauma and the Craniocervical Junction

Dr. Hillard will speak on trauma relating to the most intricate joint complex in the body; the craniocervical junction. He will cover how trauma can impact neurological, vascular and joint structures in this vital and complex area.


Dr. Lynne Murfin, MD

Topic: Concepts & Themes in 21st Century Thinking in Cognitive Decline: Managing the Tsunami

Dr. Murfin’s talk will use a patient case study to illustrate the 4P approach utilized in functional medicine when working with cognitive decline.

[Additional speakers and topics will be announced soon!]

Event presentations will be from 9 am – 4 pm. Lunch/refreshments are included in your ticket price. If you have any specific dietary restrictions, please indicate them when purchasing your ticket.

We will be hosting a networking “hour” after the event from 4 pm – 6 pm with cocktails and refreshments. This will be a great chance to mingle and connect with Calgary practitioners and further build on our knowledge in order to serve our patients to the fullest extent!

Continuing education hours are pending for this event.

*This event is directed and created for practitioners, although we do not discourage anyone else from attending, as this information will be greatly beneficial!*


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