Last night I turned on the game @miamidolphins a second before this occurred.

I thought to myself, why did I have to see that? Is it because I can do something about it, maybe be a resource or simply share with others my thoughts so it can help them heal with their concussion or understand a bit more about what happened?

Instant Spasm in Hands

Spasticity or hyperreflexia immediately after a head injury is a sign of brain and spinal cord injury as it is controlled by the central nervous system


Communication from the muscles is disrupted.

Things not to do after head injury?

1. Fly

2. Fly

3. Fly

Why were the team and announcers so happy to share that he could move all his limbs and fly home with the team? They don’t know what they don’t know. I know because I experienced it.

After flying, it increased my migraines inflammation, my hearing would worsen, brain fog for days, and my muscles would spasm, but here is what a study on pub med.

Hypobaric hypoxemia, such as that experienced during airplane travel, can cause alterations to cerebral blood flow and increased neuroinflammatory response. It remains unknown whether flying early after a concussion may influence the clinical course of injury.

Best Case Scenario

What can happen

1. Retrain the brain to create new neural networks

2. The Brain can heal

3. Rest

Should he play again?

Sadly No

If his brain lacks internal resources to heal, he will have behavioral issues, memory issues, balance issues, and dizziness.

I have guys coming in all the time that pass the college and NFL testing, and I ask them if they feel 100 percent, and after a few tests and the BHA, I can tell they don’t.

And only after a while they tell the truth that no one wants to hear.

One guy shared that he is still dizzy, and another has sleep issues.

It goes on and on.

Having the latest equipment machines that turn you upside down, scan you day and night, all the cardio and workouts cannot put resources into the brain.

My program does, and the FTI Dynamic Brain Healing physically creates space in the cranium so that all of the above has a better chance of working.

So, the player can lead and optimal life after head injury.





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